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Nessiah is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
ClassThe Ancient
Primary CardReincarnation

He has been portrayed by the voice actors Junichi Miyake (Yggdra Union) and Tsubasa Yonaga (Blaze Union).


Primary strategist of the New Bronquian Empire's army, one of the Five Dragon Generals who possesses the title of "The Prophet", and Gulcasa's best friend. Has blond hair and very pale skin. Has a delicate build, and also tends to leave the impression of being petite, but he is actually just slightly shorter than average at 170 cm.

A mysterious man whose body is draped in heavy chains and whose face is hidden by a mask.

He is blind. His eyes were dark green.

The official Yggdra Union website states that he's 19 years old, but in the setting documents book, his age is listed as "unknown".

At first glance, he has a polite and gentle personality and is sweet to Gulcasa, but he believes that one cannot let emotions influence one's strategies, and is actually fairly ruthless. The type who holds a grudge if he's ever hurt. He loves bananas.

According to Satoko Kiyuduki's design commentary:

"He has an appearance (aura) like a combination of Tarot cards like The Magician, The Hermit, and The Fool. He looks very young, so he's probably on the paper-thin line between a sage (wisdom) and a pierrot (cuteness and creepiness)." (From "Yggdra Union: The Complete Guide")

In "Yggdra Union" he is an enemy, in "Blaze Union" he is a party member, and in "Yggdra Unison" he is a hidden character and one of the twelve protagonists.

But his true form is......


A fallen Grim Angel. His original name was "Aries".

The reason he was banished is presently unknown. "Disobeying god" was apparently his sin, but how precisely he disobeyed has not been explained. In the first place, angels and especially Grim Angels do not possess many civil rights in Asgard, and no matter how trivial a matter it might seem, disobedience in itself is seen as a sin. Because of this, it is thought that Nessiah's sin might not seem to be a big deal from a human standpoint. The truth is unclear.

He cannot forgive the gods for hurting him, and seeks to get revenge. However, when he was cast out of Asgard, his true powers were sealed away, and his real body was sealed on the "Lost Paradise of Ancardia" which was once a part of Heaven's Gate. The island of Ancardia was then submerged to the bottom of the ocean on the world of Ancardia (the particular world where "Yggdra Union" and all related games take place).

Powerless, Nessiah sought the means to win against the gods, and begged the "Yumel", residents of another dimension, for aid. He made a contract with them, and in exchange for becoming capable of using the "Power of Words", he relinquished one eye. After that, Nessiah used the "Power of Words" to create the Tactics Cards, and using his remaining eye he created the Gran Centurio, which he gave to humans.

The Gran Centurio was a tool that changed negative emotions into magical power, and one day it would become powerful enough to cut the chains binding Nessiah's body. When that day came, Nessiah would reclaim the sword, break the seal by breaking his bonds, and leave the human world to take revenge on the gods.

For that purpose, he has provoked countless violent conflicts since the time that he fell.

In the present age, he sabotages the three countries of Verlaine, Embellia, and Lombardia. His reasoning is:

  1. This will cause conflict as always
  2. This way Yggdra, the current holder of the Gran Centurio, will be forced to fight personally instead of being able to get aid from allied countries
  3. This will protect Bronquia, whose forces are outnumbered compared to Fantasinia and its allies

(Note that if he doesn't sabotage those countries, the warring states situation of Yggdra Unison happens.)

Other than this, Nessiah is a wire-puller who turns the protagonists' departed allies into his zombie soldiers, and has in the past saved the world of Ancardia from the invasion of a demon god (solely so that he himself won't be found out by the gods).

His catchphrase of sorts is "You Meddlers", but just who is the biggest meddler here?

Finally, the reason he initially cooperated with the Imperial Army is because he thought that Gulcasa's demon blood would make him a good pawn to create conflict. However, there are scenes that hint that over the past three years he has come to care for Gulcasa and the others deeply.

Nessiah's Portrayal in "Yggdra Unison"


The way Nessiah acts in "Yggdra Unison" is a little bit different.

Based on equipment qualifications and low-score titles, he's become known one after another as "has no sense of direction", "is a klutz", "is an incredibly picky eater", "is a crybaby" and so on, and so he's acquired a somewhat helpless image.

On top of that, in his own route of the story, he is hated by everyone other than Gulcasa and gets hit with the only bad ending in the entire game. Poor thing.

And from that weakness and cuteness, Nessiah gradually became a moe character.

What the heck happened here? (laughs)


  • During "Blaze Union", he calls Gulcasa "Captain" or "Gulcasa-sama", but for some reason they both call each other by name without honorifics in "Yggdra Union".
  • In Satoko Kiyuduki's character design, the hem of his white robe is around the area of his ankles, but in Rui Kousaki's design the robe is about 12 cm shorter, so Nessiah has acquired Absolute Territory (on his calves).
  • He wears different sandals depending on the designer.
  • He uses a type of transmigration and is immortal, and no matter how many times you kill him, he won't die.
  • According to Shinichi Ito, Nessiah's real body has begun to rot. It's unclear whether Nessiah himself is aware of this.
  • Nessiah first appeared in a game that Ito made in 1996, so he and Gulcasa (who appeared alongside him) are the oldest Dept. Heaven characters.

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