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Never Thought of That Before

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Never Thought of That Before is a tag for artworks describing a fresh, new and sometimes blizzare concept or idea potrayed in artworks, that did not exist before prior to this. However, It won't be surprising to see rehashed concepts and copied memes thown into any works either.

The origin of this tag seems to be originated from a variety show called "Downtown Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende!!", aired on Nihon TV, where a character name Itao's Wife has this favourite phrase saying "Sono hassou wa nakatta wa" (note the "wa" which is used for feminine speech in Japanese). In English, this translates to "never thought of that before~!" (the ~ is used to add a feminine tone in a sentence). This tag itself is a derivation from the above sentence.

Although mainly used for meme illustrations, it is a tag with praises given to illustrations with extraordinary creativity or ideas that one would most likely never thought of it until it exists.

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As well, there are quite a number of cases where "this" is used instead to "that".


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↑You would feel like doing a tsukkomi for captions like this...

↑It can also be used for illustration requests…


↑The very first 「Never Thought of That Before」 illustration, circa 2007.

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