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Nvidia is a American company who are manufactures GPUs and SOCs.

Their headquarter is located in Santa Clara, California state of America. The company is known for their gamer-orientated GeForce GPUs/graphics cards, their workstation-orientated Quadro GPUs/graphics cards, their GPGPU-orientated Tesla GPUs and recently, their Tegra mobile SoCs.

In addition, Nvidia also introduced the Nvidia Shield mobile gaming brand by releasing the Nvidia Shield Portable gaming handheld.

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GeForce - Nvidia's gaming-orientated GPU products
Quadro - Nvidia's workstation-orientated GPU products
Tesla - Nvidia's General-proposal GPU products
Tegra - Nvidia's mobile SoCs for smartphones and tablets
Nvidia Shield - Nvidia's mobile gaming brand for handhelds and tablets, powered by Nvidia Tegra SoC

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