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A recurring character in the Dept. Heaven series.

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First-Person PronounAtashi (あたし), Pamela-sama (パメラ様)
ClassMystic Witch
Primary CardFortune, Coma Karma

She is voiced by Ai Nonaka.

The series mascot, a little witch girl with an outlandish appearance and personality. She is skilled at science and magic, and wanders the dimensions in order to research strange things in many worlds. Very curious about everything; an airhead; loves to perform experiments. Is terminally insensitive to the mood of all situations and loves to lean on the fourth wall. Tends to append "~da wa sa (だわさ)" to the end of all her sentences.

She is actually a Yumel, the resident of a world called Yumira that exists in a gap in time and space. Pamela's own upbringing is shrouded in mystery, but she is apparently older than she looks.

She first appeared in "Yggdra Union", and was then chosen from many candidates to appear as a hidden character in "Knights in the Nightmare" (according to series director Ito, because she seemed like she would need the least explanation). Befitting of a mascot, she has made appearances in every DHE and Union game since.

Pamela in the Union Games

Yggdra Union

A witch living in Marduk Forest. In the GBA version of Yggdra Union her class is "Witch". During the day, she does not move because she's put into Sleep status. Starting from the English-language GBA version, her class has been changed to "Mystic Witch". She can use geographical Skills regardless of the terrain. Her weapon is a normal staff.

In the PSP version, she joins the party in Chapter 4 if the correct conditions are met. There, her special skill Coma Karma can put enemies to sleep.

Blaze Union

She appears in a certain map in Chapter 3. If you have Yggdra Union save data, she joins the party if certain conditions are met.

Her Undineophilia from "Yggdra Union" and "Yggdra Unison" is alive and well here. She enters Gram Blaze in order to observe fellow party member Sleip. Technically Garlot refuses her entry, but she selfishly follows them home anyway, so it seems that he relented and let her join up afterwards. In the words of Pamela herself, that's our Captain, what a sweetie~.

Gloria Union

She appears in a certain map in Chapter 5, and can join the party. However, that map is only accessible if the player has proceeded through the game in a certain way.

In this game, Yumira is called the "country of magic". Locomoco, who is also from Yumira, looks up to Pamela like an older sister.

Yggdra Unison

She is one of the twelve protagonists. She leads the United Woodland Forces with the bounty hunter Mizer.

Her interactions with Nessiah, who dealt with the Yumel in the past, are pretty meaningful.

Pamela in Knights in the Nightmare

She will appear as a potential party member only if Yggdra Union is inserted into the GBA slot (DS version)/Yggdra Union save data is found on the memory card (PSP version).

She winds up warping to the world of Aventheim due to some sort of mistake, and agrees to assist in clearing out the demons so that she can head to her next destination. If you give the Dream Cap (her Key Item) back to her, she will join your army.

Pamela in Gungnir

She appears as an enemy character.

She appeared in Gargandia at the same time that Gungnir did, but the forceful warp damaged her memories, and unless something is important for her to know, she'll forget it with incredible speed. She was adopted by the mountain bandit Rodriguef, and acts as a member of his band.

She appears to be searching for "something" important, but according to scenario writer Asai, "Pamela is that kind of character...... so she probably wants something that would seem worthless to the rest of the cast (laughs)".
(from the Gungnir artbook)

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