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Pixiv Fantasia SR Chapter 2

Summary of the War of the 5 Swords

Pixiv Fantasia Sword Regalia Chapter 2


Interim Result:


End Result:


The War of the 5 Swords

End Results:
Battle at the Ashen Bridge: Ruzalia/Norgahld won
The Shadow of Windtorn Island: Aledore/Mystoria won
Battle of Darknight Forest: Aledore/Mystoria won

Big loss to all the Guildohr and Endland folks. What will this mean for chapter 3?!
Gold/Silver/Iron hit criteria has been rebalanced so it's easier to get silver ranked illustrations:
Gold10000+ Silver 3000~9999 Iron 0~2999

Character commentary:
Wolden the Ashen: Those Federation fools have been sent packing home. The Ruzalian Royal Army plans to reorganize and chase after them. I feel as though we may do the same, though being away from home...It's an unsettling feeling.

Queen Scarlet: We succeeded in defending the bridge. The damn Merchant King destroyed the bridge before retreating...She's may have slowed us down but we're still going to take their capital!

Zylbeir the Sorcerer: We successfully drove off the Western invaders. It was a fierce battle, I thank you for your efforts. I hear that King Arnold has fled to Southern Norgald. We intend to seize his Dragon Sword.

King Gie: The objective of our enemy was to take my Dragon Sword. The banished tribes are fighting alongside the Trade Federation...We will head to Guildohr and put an end to this.

Merchant King Aya: I destroyed the bridge so we should head back to the capital. This is a scene I did not wish to see. We're not going to let them off easy for this...

Immortal King Shidou: Did you see it, Laurel? The sword the King of Mystoria held...The Sword of Mist, you took it from him ages ago...
I'm going to reclaim that sword.


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