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PlayStation (Tag name: プレイステーション) is a video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the very first PlayStation console.

Also known as 'プレステ' in Japan and 'PS' around the world, it is a iconic video game console during the 90's.


It is powered by a custom 32-bit RISC CPU developed by Sony. At the time in was released in Japan, its GPU performance is comparable to the workstation PC of that time.

Instead of the expensive cartridge, Sony uses the even higher capacity Compact Disc (CD) format on the PlayStation. The console also contain a JPEG decoder, making it able to support high-quality motion JPEG playback.

During the release of the PlayStation, its sale figure wasn't able to catch up with other consoles until the release of Final Fantasy VII, which turns the table for Sony.

On the game saving, it use the memory card (that uses flash memory) made for the PlayStation.

Unlike the CD format use by other consoles at that time, the read side of the PlayStation title CD is black color.

The PlayStation, along with Sega Saturn, had changed the entire gaming market that was once dominated by 2D graphics games.

Later, Sony introduce the smaller SCPH-100 'PSOne' model that is based on the previous SCPH-9000 model.

It was superseded by the PlayStation 2, which is backward compatible with the PlayStation games.


  • Originally it was developing to be a Nintendo's first console to be having CD-ROM, and its code-name is 'PSX'.

  • PlayStation is no exception of going through several revisions during its production run. The RCA output connectors were later removed from SPCH-5500 models, and the parallel port is also removed from SPCH-9000 model. The Serial I/O port is later removed from SCPH-100 'PSOne' model.

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