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PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 (Tag name: プレイステーション2) is a video game console developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment.


Released in 2000, the PlayStation 2 is the successor to the PlayStation. Also known as PS2, it is part of 6th generation video game consoles.

It was the first console to be able to place horizontally and vertically. It also support DVD-video playback, as it has the DVD drive.

During release, it was cheaper than a DVD player, and it is one of the reasons why DVD becomes so common. Because of it, the sales figure quickly overtaking Sega Dreamcast's own, and even PlayStation itself.

It was backward compatible with the PlayStaton game titles. It also support memory card for PS. However, PS games doesn't support memory card for PS2.

The color of the read side of the PlayStation 2 game title DVDs is the same as other DVDs, while PlayStation 2 CDs's were blue.

Earlier models supports the internet add-on known as 'BB Unit' that allows the PS2 to be connected to the internet. Later models remove this add-on support.

Like the PlayStation, it went through several revisions. Due to this, there's case where some PS2 games are unplayable on some models.

While its successor PlayStation 3 was released, Sony continue to produces the PlayStation 2 consoles until its production run ended in 2012. Later models of PlayStation 3 removed the backward compatibility with PS2 games.

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