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Pokemon ReBURST

Pokémon RéBURST (tag:ポケットモンスターReBURST) is a Manga series written by Jin Kusude and illustrated by Mitsuhisa Tamura.


The manga begins to serialized on Weekly Shounen Sunday magazine on March 9th, 2011.

Unlike any Pokémon media, this one is very unique and make a very big departure from the basic Pokémon stories because some human characters in the manga can turn into a Pokémon-human hybrid by using the using a special technique called Burst.

Simply put, the manga itself is a traditional shounen manga.

Currently the manga is completed with 77 chapters.



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Pokémon - The franchise itself
Zekrom - A Burst Heart that contain Zekrom is owned by Ryouga, the protagonist in the manga
Reshiram - A Burst Heart that contain Reshiram is owned and later dumped by Fraud, the major antagonist in the manga

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