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Puer Maledraconis Gulcasa Magica

Puer Maledraconis Gulcasa Magica is a fan work featuring characters from Blaze Union in the setting of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

A parody crossover that some silly phoenix charged into coordinating. The Japanese title is "Maryuu Shounen Gulcasa Magica".

It features the cast of Blaze Union, and its scenario borrows from that of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The Puer and Puella Magi costumes are designed by Charmwitch.

Main Characters


The protagonist of the main work. In the prologue he is a 15-year-old 3rd year in middle school; in the main story he is an 18-year-old 3rd year in high school.

Hesitant, shy, and gentle; always puts his friends first. Up until three years ago, he was badly abused at the hands of his father, but at that time he was rescued by his mother Baretreenu, and he now lives with her and his half-sister Emilia. His hobby is cooking.

During the time when he was abused, he had a lonely and violent persona, but as he has recovered psychologically that has changed dramatically.

According to Pamela, if he becomes a Puer Magi he will be extremely powerful.

His weapon is the scythe.

His Soul Gem is gold, its symbol is a flame, and post-transformation it is located at his sternum.

Compare Madoka Kaname.


An 18-year-old 3rd year in high school. A Puer Magi.

A taciturn transfer student. His goal is to prevent Gulcasa from making a contract.

Due to his long hospitalization, his body is very weak, and he cannot even wear the school uniform due to its fabric being too rough for his skin. As a Puer Magi, he is extremely powerful in battle, but he runs out of magic quickly, and so he has to purify his Soul Gem more often than most.

His primary weapon is a golden spellbook called the Revelation of the Gods, as in the original game, but he also wields a giant sword (the Gran Centurio) and Ankhs. His special magical ability is...

His Soul Gem is dark green, its symbol is a diamond, and post-transformation it is attached to his collar.

Compare Homura Akemi.


The protagonist of the prologue. In the prologue she is a 15-year-old 3rd year in middle school; in the main story she is an 18-year-old 3rd year in high school.

She has a cheerful personality and is Gulcasa's childhood friend. She has always tried to support him since they were very small. Three years ago, she made a contract with Pamela and became a Puella Magi in order to save him. She does not regret her decision even now. When Gulcasa and Yggdra discover the world of Puellae Magi, she acts as their sempai and teaches them about various things. Her hobby is collecting scarves.

Her weapon is the crossbow, and her special magical ability is "severing unhealthy bonds".

Her Soul Gem is aqua blue, its symbol is a flower, and post-transformation it is attached to her hairpin.

Compare Mami Tomoe.


A 16-year-old 1st year in high school.

A girl with a strong sense of justice. She is Gulcasa's neighbor, and lives with her parents and older sisters. She is friends with Gulcasa (although they sometimes bicker), and has a crush on his friend Jenon, though Jenon has not noticed. She seems to possess the potential to become a Puella Magi.

Her weapon is the longsword.

Her Soul Gem is dark blue, its symbol is an oval, and post-transformation it is located at the center of her collarbones.

Compare Sayaka Miki.


A nineteen-year-old Puer Magi.

After a certain incident, he arrives in town aiming for what used to be Siskier's territory, but...

His weapon is the lance, and his special magic ability is "the spinning of illusions", but he is determined not to rely on this skill and only use the magic he's learned since becoming a Puer Magi.

His Soul Gem is purple, its symbol is a sun cross, and post-transformation it is located on the back of his left hand.

Compare Kyouko Sakura.


A self-proclaimed "messenger of magic". A fairy with the form of a witchlike 15-year-old girl.

In her contracts, she will grant any one wish in return for the recipient's transformation into a Puer or Puella Magi.

Compare Kyuubey.


In the prologue, he is a 15-year-old 3rd year in middle school; in the main story he is an 18-year-old 3rd year in high school.

Gulcasa and Siskier's childhood friend. He is smart and has a silly personality, but has a weakness for girls.

He actually has romantic feelings for Siskier, but she has not noticed. Unlike his friends, he is a completely ordinary boy and does not possess the potential to become a Puer Magi.

Compare Hitomi Shizuki and Kyousuke Kamijou.

Other Characters


Gulcasa's mother. A lawyer.

When her son was very young, she divorced her husband and left their household, but as a result of Siskier's Puella Magi contract she came back to rescue Gulcasa. She was also given custody of Emilia, her ex-husband's child with his new lover.

Because of her job, she is often absent from the house, but even so she still raises her son and non-blood-related daughter with love.

In Blaze Union she acted very abusively toward Gulcasa, but in this work she is an admirably overenthusiastic parent.


Gulcasa's younger half-sister. A twelve-year-old 6th year in elementary school.

She was neglected by her parents, but as a result of Siskier's Puella Magi contract, she was saved by Baretreenu, and now lives with Baretreenu and her half-brother Gulcasa.

She is an energetic girl with an interest in Gothic Lolita fashion.


Yggdra's father.

He is Baretreenu's neighbor, and it appears that she comes to him and his wife for advice when she is unsure of how best to raise the children she was suddenly entrusted with.

A proud papa who loves his wife and three daughters dearly. Of course, he too is an admirably overenthusiastic parent.

Luciana & Aegina

Yggdra's older twin sisters. 17-year-old 2nd years in high school.

They get along well with Gulcasa's friends and family.

The oldest sister Luciana is a lively prankster, while the middle sister Aegina has a serious personality. Unlike Yggdra, they don't seem to possess the potential to become Puellae Magi.

Episode List

NumberTitle (Latin)English Translation
Episode 1InitiumBeginning
Episode 2PudicitiaInnocence
Episode 3DubitatioHesitation
Episode 4  

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