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Reiner Braun

A character from Attack on Titan


Age17 years old (He was 14 years old when he joined the (104th Trainees Squad)
BirthplaceA mountain village in Southeastern Wall Maria
Voiced byYoshimasa Hosoya

Reiner, a large-build youth, graduated from the Wall Rose Southern District’s 104th Trainees Squad with the 2nd rank.
He’s quite muscular, with a very angular contours and his nose being his peculiarities.

With his calm demeanor, Reiner is seen as a reliable person with a high sense of responsibility fit for a leader.

Reiner has once said that he would like to return to his hometown, even though it probably doesn’t exist anymore as it was attacked by titans. Eren Jaeger felt much sympathy toward his story and Bertholdt Fubar feels that Reiner is like him since they both came from rural villages.

His calm and collected composure shows his amazing will to keep cool, even when surrounded by others going crazy, chaos, and titans. When he was facing about 7, 3 to 4 meter tall titans in a single battle, he joked that another weak spot of the titans were up their butts. It was to lighten up the mood and let the new recruits relax during their first battle, showing his experienced battle-self.

He had once said to the goddess-like Christa Renz that he wanted to marry her, but as the series progressed, it changed to “get married” instead. Even though he expressed interested in Christa, in volume 9, he and Ymir had a conversation where he suggested he was uninterested in women, which suggested he may have a preference for males.

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