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Reiner Braun

A character from Attack on Titan


^ Height 185cm → 188cm
^ Weight 95kg → 83kg
^ Age 17 (joined the 104th Training Corps at the age of 14)
^ Birthplace A village located in the mountains at the southeast of Wall Maria
^ Birthday August 1
^ CV Yoshimasa Hosoya
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 8, Second Poll: No. 10


Reiner is a young man with a large physique, and he graduated from the 104th Training Corps in the south district of Wall Rose, ranked 2nd.
He is a muscular guy with an angular contour and nose shape.
Reiner is calm and kind, and has a strong sense of duty and a tendency to always think of others. He is a leader who is trusted by his fellow trainees and has been stated to be the "big brother" of the other trainees. According to Hajime Isayama, amongst his fellow 104th squad mates, Reiner is the most popular boy. It can be said that he was popular regardless of gender due to his reliable personality.
His ability can be easily hidden behind the existence of Mikasa's greatest talent of all time, but he has the outstanding physical ability among the fellow trainees, and he has the guts to make jokes before the dangerous operations, and he has the strength to match others. In fact, he was caught by a Female Titan and seemed to be crushed, but he showed his ability to escape by cutting her fingers.

He is one of few survivors of the village of the deep mountain at the southeast of Wall Maria attacked by the Titans, he wished to return to hometown wholeheartedly, as the comrade who would steadfast in his faith, he sympathizes deeply with Eren Yeager. He often stays with Bertholt Hoover who is familiar with him in his hometown.

Even in a situation surrounded by the Titans, he still has strong mental power to calmly analyze the current situation and answer others without any distraction.
During the simultaneous annihilation operation of seven 3-4m level Titans, he gags the Titans as "maybe we can pump this (sword) into their ass". The veteran soldiers release the tensions and relax the novice soldiers by cracking jokes to them who joined their first battle. Even if the readers may feel strange suspicions. (See below)

Though he is regarded as a big brother for the other fellow trainees, he is shy for the beauties generally. Krista Lenz looks like a goddess, he said to himself honestly that (I want to marry Krista...) (Later, it was evolved to (Let us marry).

But contrary to the behavior of drowning in the goddess, when he had a conversation with Ymir in Volume 9 that “it seems that you do not appear to be interested in the women”, and he replied “Yeah…”, due to the ass remarks, he was suspected to be a gay by the readers.

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Pay attention! Below are the important spoilers with particular reasons for the readers!

Spoiler Overview

"I don't know what's right anymore..."
"But... I do know that I have to face the consequences of my actions and carry out my duty as a warrior to the end!"


His true identity is the Armored Titan who broken the wall of Shiganshina and caused Wall Maria fall five years ago.
Reiner is a friend of Bertholt (the Colossal Titan) and Annie (the Female Titan) who are fighting against the Humanity as "warriors".

It was actually a performance that he was almost crushed by Annie (the Female Titan) in the 57th Expedition, he pretended to fight with the Female Titan in front of Armin and Jean and was captured on purpose, and told Annie the Eren's actual location where Armin guessed.
Eren also trusted Reiner as a reliable big brother, and respected him as a person with the same strong belief, but he was angry due to the shock of being betrayed by Reiner who caused the destruction of his hometown.

His honesty proved a handicap, and he developed serious mental problems as a result of living a double-life between the feeling to the companions and the mission.
To escape the guilt of causing the fall of the Wall Maria and the death of a large number of human beings, he assumed himself as a "soldier" to protect peace in the wall and escaped from reality. However, Reiner developed serious mental problems as a result of living with the personality as a “warrior” who is the human beings’ enemy and the personality as a “soldier” who fights to protect humanity, and they were divided into different personalities, sometimes he forgot that he is a “warrior” and couldn't communicate with Bertholt. Actually even his identity was revealed as the Armored Titan, he suddenly talked about promotion as the member of the Survey Corps, and Eren and Ymir were shocked with Reiner's unusual words and behavior.
Despite he is the person who destroyed the wall, Reiner tried to protect his friends from his heart as a "Soldier”, and when he turned to be a "Warrior", he still felt guilty for his friends.
By the way, as a “Warrior”, Reiner feels kindly towards Krista, and it doesn't seem to be just an important presence in the mission.

Later he fights with the Survey Corps in Shiganshina and almost drives the Corps to the brink of destruction, but he loses Bertolt and has been defeated by the counterattack of Eren and other companions. He returns to Marley with only Zeke / Pieck together in the companions.

A few years later, he grew up and joined in the war between Marley and the Middle East Union. He had beards in his face, and it was completely a face of mid-age and a military-like appearance, but because it was mentioned that “the operation to reclaim the Founding Titan started 9 years ago'', so he is around 21 years old.
It was also mentioned that his “term of service” (i.e. life expectancy) is about two years. It was said that when someone became a warrior, the life expectancy is 13 years due to the curse of Ymir, so the Titan transform ability seems to be passed on around 10 years old (described later).


He is a half whose father is Marley and his mother is an Eldian. His mother was an Eldian, so Reiner was also detained in a concentration camp and could not live with his father (as you can see from the above, if one person inherited part of Eldian’s blood, even if it is not pure blood, the person would have gained the ability to transform to a Titan).

If he became a "Warrior", he can live with his father in Marley freely as an "honorary Marleyan”. Reiner became a "Warrior" to live together with the whole family (but he is a child who is born by a Marleyan and an Eldian, it is punishable by death, so that wish didn't come true).

When he was trained as a warrior, his record was medium without any special features, but he was selected as a warrior candidate because of his “loyalty to Marley”. According to Porco Galliard, he was the top best 7 among the chosen warrior cadets. Shortly after, it was decided that 6 out of 7 people would become the regular warriors and inherited the ability to transform to Titans. Porco was dissatisfied with this decision, but later it was discovered that Porco's elder brother Marcel was using his relationship secretly to prevent him from getting the ability to transform to a Titan so that he will not be sent to the battlefield.

Gabi Braun is his cousin, and he has complicated feeling for Gabi who is eager to inherit the “Armored Titan”.

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