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Remilia Scarlet

She is a character from Touhou Project. Her first appearance was in the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Stage 6 Boss).


NicknamesThe Eternal Young Scarlet Moon(KouHi)・The Scarlet Devil(Ei, Gu)・The Eternal Young Scarlet Moon (Sui)
World of Crimson (Bun)・Vampire of the Heavy Fog (Hi)・Nocturnal Devil of Scarlet (Suzu)
Abilitiesthe Ability to manipulate fate
Level of DangerExtremely high
Level of FriendlinessExtremely low
Places of main activitiesAroundScarlet Devil Mansion
AppearanceKoumakyou Stage 6 Boss・Suimusou Playable Character・Eiyashou Playable Character (supported by Sakuya)・Hisouten Playable Character
Bunkachou LEVEL 7・Hisoutensoku Playable Character・Dan Ama Final Day・Violet Detector Nightmare Sunday
Music ThemeSeptette for a Dead Princess

※ These evaluation on level of Danger・Friendliness are only opinions of another character named Hieda no Akyuu, though.

Remilia Scarlet is a vampire girl who has lived for more than 500 years, as the owner and leader of Scarlet Devil Mansion, which is the stage for The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

She has a sister named Flandre Scarlet, who is 5 years younger.

As a vampire, Remilia does not eat much and thus cannot take a large amount of blood from human. Also, she is called「Scarlet Devil(Red Devil)」because her dress is always stained with the spilling blood she left from feeding. Moreover, in Gensokyo, there are youkai everywhere, whose age can comfortably exceed 500 or 1000 years old, starting with Eirin Yagokoro, who is billions of years old, and Tewi Inaba]], who is (presumed) more than 1.7 million years old. Therefore, considering Remilia is only 500 years old, she is sometimes treated as a child.

Usually she is called Remilia.

Among friends and families, she is called by her nickname, Remi, especially by a friend, Patchouli Knowledge. Additionally, she is also called My lady by her followers, such as the Head Maid Sakuya Izayoi, and another servant, the gatekeeper Hong Meiling.

Although Flandre Scarlet , the younger sister , calls Remilia「My lord sister」,she refers to Remilia as「that gal」secretly. But Remilia also always says「Ah, I have just forgotten all about that gal.」From this point , they are actually more or less the same, so to speak.

She is the cause of「Scarlet Mist Incident」, an incident happened in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

In ending of Eiyashou, Remilia wanted to build a rocket and fly to the moon. And according to Bunkachou, it is clear that she was trying to make Sakuya collect all necessary materials for that.

Although they did not get that far, in Bougetsushou, her longing for「the moon」was revived by Yukari Yakumo, who proposed a plan to sneak into The City on the Moon with the help from Ran Yakumo. Relimia did not agree with that plan, but she came up with another plan to head to The City on the Moon on her own. So she asked Sakuya to collect relevant information, and Patchouli to build the Moon Rocket.

When Remilia firstly appeared in Stage 6 of the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, she became quite popular because of her attractive lines and the stage performance with the scarlet moon as background. However, she revealed her innocence and naivety every time she appeared after that. As a result, Remilia is generally called「Charisma Break」, due to the collapse of her Charisma image.

People think Remilia charismatic because of what she is rather than what she is like, which means they are actually in awe of her as a vampire. From this point, she may not lose her charisma ever.



Remilia is a devil originated initially from Vampire Dracula by Bram Stoker.
She is currently one of the Power balance in Gensokyo, as she is the most powerful youkai even despite of her youth and inexperience (about hundreds of years since her first appearance), in light of the history of Gensokyo.

Remilia is docile in the mansion during the daytime, but becomes a furious King of Night when sun sets. Her Meal is mainly the blood from human.

Human who was bled out can neither die nor become a ghost, they would turn into a zombie and disappear in sunlight after moving for a while.

Remilia is capable of an extremely high-speed that the eyes cannot even capture, the power that can break rocks, and also the magic power to manipulate devil as she wants, which is a physical ability against the laws of nature. She does not think much of the superficial techniques.

Although Remilia is weak to sunligt, her body is quite tough. It can be playable again, as long as there is one bat left.
(Shanghai Alice Correspondence. txt, Immaterial and Missing Power)

According to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Vampires take pride in their incredible physical abilities and magic. They can carry and lift up a huge tree over a thousand years old with one hand, move through the Human Village in a blink of an eye, gather a numerous number of devils only with a word, break down self into lots of bats, and even into the tiny piece of mist so that they can enter anywhere. Also, they are able to restore themselves back to the original shape overnight even if they suffered from a trauma that blew them off, as long as the head remains.

In Bougetsushou, Remilia’s right hand was burnt by a certain magic yet cured immediately.

However, she also has as many weaknesses as the strengths.

She is weak to sunlight, cannot cross the running water, cannot stand garlic and a sardine head, and so on. But Remilia will be barely influenced by a cross. She herself is always wondering why it has to be this way.

Her weapon are bat and arrow, and the bats can pour out endlessly.
(Manual of Imperishable Night)

Among these running water and garlic・sardine heads・a broken holly branches・roasted soybeans, it is because that vampires are also「oni」

However, Patchouli believes , that usually this kind of powerful youkai would expose their small weaknesses deliberately, in order to cover the biggest one. There are still some uncertainties.

  • Supplemental Information: According to the「monologue」from the latter half of the Gumon Shiki, many data and materials for the book are from youkai themselves for self-packaging, such as 「Depict in a way that makes us look more competent」,「How about, I am capable of this? 」. (There is no official setting・description for the specific youkai who did the self-packaging )

Furthermore, the author, Hieda no Akyuu, wrote with her own presumptions as well as the information from previous research. Therefore, different from other books , the setting.txt is not that reliable.


レミリア立ち絵修正 表情差分

Remilia has a head of silver hair mixed with some blue (medium~semi-long with waves ), or maybe a head of blue hair mixed with some light blue, with eyes in scarlet. She is even shorter than Marisa and Youmu. Although Remilia looks like a girl under 10, when considered as a human, her shadow is huge due to the huge wings from her back (known as Devil's Feather).

She also wears Night Cap (known as doorknob-cover-cap, in the depiction, when it comes to a doorknob, it is always with vivid and subtle descriptions), which is in light pink, wrapped around by red ribbon. The knot is on the right, with a white line on it.

Her dress are in the same pink matching with her cap, has a lace-collar with a thick red line , on which three red dots are set in a form of triangle, short and fluffy sleeves, and red ribbon tied in bows on the cuffs. And also, her left arm is wrapped around by lace with a red line.

The lace is fixed in the middle with small buttons. And there is an S-shaped decoration at the top. Remilia is not wearing the costume from Eiyashou.

A red string is tied at her waist, which goes to the back and spreads out. People can catch a glimpse of the string from the front.

Her skirt falls to the ankle, with a red string through the hem

The design is a little bit different in Touhou Kourindou

Remilia has showed up, in a dress, at a party hold in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Additionally, she has also once worn a headscarf instead of the cap mentioned before

  • Remilia in a dress (Bougetsushou)




Remilia calls herself a descendant of Vlad・Țepeș, who was the king of the Principality of Wallachia in Transylvania(Now days, The south of Romania ), and the inspiration for Dracula as well as the origin of vampires. By the way, there are also spell cards that bear his name, but they are actually not related by blood.

She is essentially arrogant and egocentric, seems to be easily bored and kind of naive.

Remilia is always bored with the surrounding , then she becomes capricious and turn the world upside down with her cray ideas.

According to the official setting, she does not get along well with others.

It is said in the「character setting .txt」 of Imperishable Night, ”Demons, including vampires, are this kind of species that is unconditionally disliked by both human and youkai ”

In light of 「Shanghai Alice Correspondence. txt」, Immaterial and Missing Power, “Remilia is a real trouble for those around them, as she is too powerful. ”

Based on Perfect Memento in Strict Sense (by Akyuu), “She is barely friendly, not only to human, but also to youkai ”

However, according to Gumon Shiki, “Remilia has the insight to analyze the power gap between herself and the opponent”. In Touhou Bougetsushou, an invasion to the City of the Moon is said to be planned out as a goal, but it is also mentioned in the novel version, that we do not have to rely on these words entirely.

For that reason, Remilia was seen once being with Reimu, who treats others as equals, in Koumakyou Ending, and having fun with her in Shrine. Also, she once invited Reimu to the homemade Sea (indoor swimming pool), to thank her for helping with the moon trip in Bougetsushou.

Marisa has also accompanied with Relimia on the moon trip. Despite of some swearing from time to time, it is obvious that they get along well with each other, considering their close interactions throughout the entire trip.

There are depictions in Touhou Ibarakasen, showing Remilia bossing around hobgoblins, who live in Scarlet Devil Mansion as servants. Additionally, according to Forbidden Scrollery, she got chupacabra (Remilia and others called it differently at first place), as a pet , out of nowhere.

On night she happily told Reimu at a banquet, that while hobgoblin looked terrible when yelled or stepped over, chupacabra was quite adorable.

It is said, that this cuteness may come from its「rareness」.

Also, in light of Ibarakasen, one day at the banquet in Hakurei Shrine, Remilia talked about her food(drinks) preference, drank with「Ibarak’s goblet」there, and then seemed to be drunk. The next day, along with Sakuya, she was suggested that it may have consequence from that.


The ability to manipulate fate

Although Remilia is a character from Koumakyou, which is the first work based on the current worldview, the detail of this ability still remains a little bit unclear since it has not yet been clearly used. According to Bunkachou, “when Remilia is around , with merely a calling, someone’s life would change greatly since then , just like following the fantastic fate’’, and the odds to encounter rare things will be much higher.

Someone in the Scarlet Devil Mansion seems to have helped a fallen injured, but in this case, it is said that ‘’The change of the death may turn into another change of the fate’’. (The dead may turn into a half-human-half-youkai, depending on the changed fate)

In this way, it is likely that Remilia cannot practice this ability all by herself, as her practice was left with something like「fate」, which is insubstantial and uncertain.

Prediction of the future

This one is the theory with the most details and thus most compelling.

Flandre, the younger sister, once said that Remilia seems to be capable of knowing events in the future. But she also says, that it is nothing more than「a catchphrase of Remilia」, who is just pretending to be able to predict.

Spell Cards

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Name of Spell CardsENHLEXComments
Heaven's Punishment「Star of David」     
God's Punishment「Young Demon Lord」      
Nether Sign「Scarlet Netherworld」          
Hell Sign「Mountain of a Thousand Needles」         
Curse「Curse of Vlad Tepes」
God Art「Vampire Illusion」       
Scarlet Sign「Scarlet Shoot」  
Scarlet Sign「Scarlet Meister」  
「Red Magic」      
「Scarlet Gensokyo」          

Immaterial and Missing Power

Playable Character

Name of Spell Cards Comments
Scarlet Sign「Red the Nightless Castle」
Scarlet Devil「Scarlet Devil」
Certain Kill「Heart Break」
Divine Spear「Spear・the・Gungnir」
Night Sign「Demon King Cradle」
Night Lord「Dracula Cradle」

CPU exclusive

Name of Spell Cards Comment
First Card「Bad Lady Scramble」
Second Card「My Heartbreak」
Third Card「Hell Catastrophe」
Night Sign「Queen・of・Midnight」
「Red Magic」

Imperishable Night

Name of Spell Cards Comment
Scarlet Sign「Red the Nightless Castle」
Scarlet Devil「Scarlet Devil」
「Scarlet Destiny」Last Word

Shoot the Bullet

Name of Spell Cards Stage Comment
Devil Sign「All the World in Nightmare」LEVEL7 SCENE2
Scarlet Sign「Bloody Magic Square」LEVEL7 SCENE4
Scarlet Bat「Vampirish Night」LEVEL7 SCENE6
God Devil「Remilia Stoker」LEVEL7 SCENE8

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody


Name of Spell Cards costComment
Certain Kill「Heart Break」cost2
Night Sign「Demon King Cradle」cost2
Scarlet Sign「Red the Nightless Castle」cost3
Night Sign「Bad Lady Scramble」cost3
Destiny「Miserable Fate」cost3
Divine Spear「Spear・the・Gungnir」cost4
Night Lord「Dracula Cradle」cost5
Scarlet Devil「Scarlet Devil」cost5

Story Mode CPU

Name of Spell Cards Comment
God Devil「Remilia Stoker」
Night Sign「Bombard Night」
Bat「Vampire Sweep」
Destiny「Miserable Fate」

Scarlet Weather Rhapsodysoku


Name of Spell Cards costComment
Certain Kill「Heart Break」cost2
Night Sign「Demon King Cradle」cost2
Scarlet Sign「Red the Nightless Castle」cost3
Night Sign「Bad Lady Scramble」cost3
Destiny「Miserable Fate」cost3
Divine Spear「Spear the Gungnir」cost4
「Millennium Devil」cost4
Devil「Remilia Stretch」cost4
Night Lord「Dracula SceneCradle」cost5
Scarlet Devil「Scarlet Devil」cost5

Impossible Spell Card

Name of Spell Cards Name of Stage Comment
「Fitful Nightmare」St.10 Scene 4
「Duck, Duck, Bat」 St.10 Scene 9

Violet Detector

Name of Spell Cards Name of StageComment
Scarlet Devil Sign「Bloody Catastrophe」Nightmare Sunday - 1 Co-owner with Flandre
Scarlet Star Sign「Superhuman Bloody Knife」Nightmare Sunday - 3 Co-owner with Byakuren Hijiri
Divine Scarlet Sign「Bloody Laser of Seventeen Articles」 Nightmare Sunday - 5 Co-owner with Toyosatomimi no Miko

Additional Information

  • Although Remilia is a vampire, she often goes out during the daytime. So it is unclear when she sleeps. People are whispering, whether she recently sleeps at night or not

  • Like a vampire, she has incredible physical abilities, yet also many weaknesses.

    • Remilia does not like to use physical skills, but has used lots of physical techniques in the spell cards battle with Watatsuki no Yorihime, in light of Bougetsushou. Moreover, Yorihime tried to provoke her, asking「How about making use of some spell cards rather than just hitting your body?

    • Due to these weaknesses accompanied with being vampire, it is not possible to involve Remilia into the main story of Hisouten.

      • The words「I'mmm-gonna-eat-youuu-!」, which is haunting Aya from Hisouten, were actually a jest from a comedic dialogue and interview material, which he sneaked into Scarlet Devil Mansion to conduct (with the use of the violence). He talked back in the interview report,「Could this be the legendary Mokele-mbembe, but Remilia did not know about Mokele-mbembe. Moreover, the next sentence says「You are the one who dropped by today」, so it might be the writing style for the comedy.

According to Forbidden Scrollery (One-shot), Remilia send a thank you letter to Kosuzu Motoori to thank her for solving a certain problem. According to Akyuu, who got a sneak peek at the letter from the side, it seems to be written in English.

  • Since 2012, Remilia has achieved consistently very top ranking in the Vote of Popularity by Tohou wiki: the 5th for 3 times and the 4th for twice in the last 5 vote. However, she has lost to her servant, Sakuya, for quite a long time.

  • Her favorite foods are blood of type B and Nattō. She will get burned when she touches roasted beans, but the beans themselves are not a problem for her.

  • As a vampire, Remilia is typically weak to the running water, but if it is not running water, a pool is totally fine.

  • If Remilia is exactly 500 years old at the time of the release of the Koumakyou (2003), then she is of the same age with Nostradamus.

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