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Rose R. Crawford

Rose R. Crawford is a character appearing in the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


The scenario's hidden (true?) heroine.

Ecthel's familiar. Ordinarily, she has the appearance of a small, winged black cat. She wants to become a historian. Sometimes she speaks as if making fun of Ecthel, but one way or the other they're best friends.

She's not a cat. Being called one seems to bother her, and every time someone does it, she'll argue "I'm not a cat" back at them.

The ribbon on her tail is apparently "her favorite ★".

Cierra calls her "Millefeuille-chan".

During the story, she is separated from Ecthel after a certain incident. When they are reunited, Rose has lost the ability to speak due to a suspicious potion that Cierra forced her to drink, and can only vocalize the same kinds of sounds that a cat could. However, Ecthel can still understand her due to their special bond.

She always calls Ledah "Ledah-sama".

Rose isn't technically a party member, but if a special item is used by Ecthel, she can participate in battle temporarily.

According to Riviera's official timeline, Rose's ending appears to be canon. It's still unknown which of her two endings is the true one, however.

Rose is a main character in the audio dramas "You Became Human?!" and "The Melancholy of Millefeuille-chan?!".

Her voice actress is Rika Komatsu, and her first-person pronoun is "Boku" (僕).

Series Connections

  • In the Union Series, a subseries to the DHE games, Rose has a kouhai named Pinger.

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