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Saint Seiya The Ancient Legend

Saint Seiya The Ancient Legend (聖闘士星矢ザーアンシエントレジェンド) is a doujin created by Akai Jack from Akai Tsuki.


Saint Seiya The Ancient Legend is a shounen, action, adventure and fantasy doujin created by Akai Jack. It was inspired in the work Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada.

Other inspirations:

Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas by Shiori Teshirogi
Saint Seiya Saintia Shou by Chimaki Kuori


"Of all the knights of my time, there was one who stood out for his deeds and intelligence. The Legendary Craftsman, known as the man who performed a miracle. Coming from the Graveyard of Saint Cloths, he brought them, the Ancient Cloths."
~Hachi Hanamori

Miyuki Hanamori and Sayuri Hanamori are two sisters who dream of becoming Athena's knights. They were inspired by the stories of her grandfather, Hachi Hanamori, who left many diaries telling his adventures and mysteries of a knight's life.
One day they meet a mysterious person. A foreigner.
Was this the chance they were looking for? And what are the Ancient Cloths?

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