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Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya Izayoi is the character of TouHou Project, and her debut was the level 5 boss of The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 5.

I am mortal human all my life. Don’t worry, , and I’ll be by your side as long as I’m alive.


alias Maid of Scarlet Devil Mansion (Makyo, Youyoumu, Ei, Cage in Lunatic Runagate and Ku)・Perfect and Elegant Maid(Sui and Hi)
Dangerous Illusionist(Bunn)・Maid of the Evening Storm (scarlet)・Maid of the Vampire (Su)
Maid of the Scarlet Devil (Ki>Double Dealing Character])・Maid of the Lightning Sp


abilitymanipulation of time
residenceScarlet Devil Mansion
works where she plays a rolelevel 5 boss in Makyo・the alternate character in Youyoumu・the alternate character in Suimusou・the alternate character in Eiyashou
the alternate character in Kaeizuka・LEVEL7 of Bunnkatyo・the alternate character in Hisoten・the alternate character in Hisoutennsoku
the alternate character in KishinjouDanmaku on day 7
theme musicThe Maid and the Pocket Watch of BloodLuna DiaFlowering Night

Sakuya Izayoi is an important character of Scarlet Devil Mansion, the chief maid who serves for Remilia Scarlet.
She is the only human living in Scarlet Devil Mansion.
In fact, she is in charge of all housework of Scarlet Devil Mansion even if it’s errands. If not her, there would have been not “Scarlet Devil Mansion” now.
It’s risky for her to do the job , and she leads an anchoret life (indoors woman?). She provides Flandre Scarlet with black tea and cake (however, Flandre said she never had a chance knowing human being in her flesh. Maybe Flandre never said she did not take her as a human). After all, the material of black tea and cake mainly originate from the human world…

Whether it’s going along with Remilia, her master, Patchouli Knowledge, her friend or others, she has a nice talk with them and resolves the incidents together instead of the relation
between a master and a maid in Imperishable Night. In Bougetsushou, she is as respectful as a maid with honorifics used. Other than that, she is easy-going when getting on with others.
In terms of fidelity, in Makyo, she said she wanted to work at Scarlet Devil Mansion for the sake of an everyday meal. In Eiyashou, she feels like making a better life without worry about livelihood when she works at Scarlet Devil Mansion. And she swears to be loyal to Remilia from the bottom of her heart. Since Imperishable Night, she has changed basic characteristics where she tends to use stance.

Sakuya Izayoi’s skills are not a secret weapon, but magicand throwing knife.
She can hit right the target when an apple is placed on the head of a yokai maid standing on a place about 36cm from her. That is her talent. She also frequently uses barrage.

By the way, many people’s age was kept unknown in Gensokyo. At the second half of Game 10, there are also people who seldom tell others their names. According to ZUN, “perhaps characters in the first half of Game 10 are perfect” (from Naeradi DNA C72 Last Minute Special
on 11/08/2007)
From the perspective of time-control ability, her real age seems a bug.
Her fans usually call her at “Sakuya Sann”.


She is the only human at Scarlet Devil Mansion. Touhou Project is picturing a scenario where human resolve incidents caused by yokai, so human become protagonist.
By the way, when Remilia talked her into believing that people can be immortal if they eat Hourai people’s liver, she replied she’s a mortal human (Imperishable Night).


enough power to manipulate time
Her time manipulation ability is explained as follows: she is able to stop the time when only she can move; she can slow the time while she can move at a super speed; she is able to change the speed of the flow of time (she can turn juice into apple liquor and the like).
She is also able to tamper with space, which is very closely related to time. She enlarged the inner space of Scarlet Devil Mansion.
As she can condense time, she is both able to find out a knife before or after other’s attack and to launch an attack at others. With the help of the ability, she perhaps can make another “herself”.
It’s still unclear that to what extent she can manipulate time and space. With the spell card Sakuya's World,the time span she stopped is About 5 seconds. (However, when it comes to housework of Scarlet Devil Mansion, she ever said she couldn’t get a thing done if not manipulating time. Indeed, she has a lot of time to get housework done with the ability.)
In other words, it’s explained in Wild and Horned Hermit that “just moving at a super-fast speed while time stopped (under circumstances of no gravitation), but not stopping the process of other’s life”.
In Silent Sinner in Blue, when Sakuya was defending against Yorihime’s fire attack, Sakuya’s skirt was burnt a little bit. That is to say, that it is impossible to stop time completely. (If she can stop time absolutely, no atomic interference will occur duringthe time-stopping period.)

People say that such ability is absolutely beyond human’s reach and there is no such cultivation method.

It’s difficult to turn something after its birth to nothing except for special condition.
If an object is cracked, burnt or digested, it cannot be returned to its original state. It’s just placing a moving object to its original place. (second law of thermodynamics)
It’s also stated Chapter 35 of Wild and Horned Hermit) that she can’t send people to tomorrow, so-called future.

Nonetheless, during the barrage war, what Sakuya can do is actually simple. She can make many knives prepared at the same time secretly, with time stopped when she is running to the enemy. Her attack is related to physical ability and a knife .It’s less powerful than other characters’ skill. Besides, she can recollect these knives the moment she throws those knives out.



Known as “completely natural and restraint” maid, Sakuya Izayoi nine out of ten wants things done perfectly. And as a waitress, she’s flawless.
As for her demerits, she avoids meeting human. And all of a sudden, it seems all are problems in her eyes. Such flaws have been criticized by Shikieiki in Kaeizuka.

Sakuya Izayoi is a very natural person who will be occupied with a little disparity in her own world. She changes topic without coherence. In Perfect Cherry Blossom, she told Alice she was worried about her not changing clothes three times. In Imperishable Night, as a joker, she told her master repeatedly (which is better? More or less?)
She keeps asking why making can out of other yokai and answers the question herself with making poisonous tea for her master. Naming is also full of her style. In Curiosities of Lotus Asia, with a puzzled expression on her face, she takes making new black tea with precious material collected as her hobby and so on, so she makes quite a joke of herself.

On the other side, Sakuya Izayoi has such a good intuition that she found out Three Fairies of Light. She also smelled out the complex intention of owner of Fragrant Rain Temple. If she is compared with Aya Shameimaru, it’s said “Sakuya Izayoi is totally human in Gensokyo” (Bunnkatyo).

Since Sakuya Izayoi has enlarged the space of the mansion, housework becomes more burdensome, and she can’t help complaining. But it’s useless of a complaint. She takes even yokai maid’s work as hers. Although it’s all herself to prepare the party, she hides all the efforts.

She’s absolutely loyal to Remiria.
However, when there are many things, she is sometimes perplexed by the master’s words.
In Cage in Lunatic Runagate and Eastern and Little Nature Deity series, Sakuya is shocked by Remilia’s sharp words.

In Suimusou, as a maid, Sakuya Izayoi exposed her stance. Suika said to Sakuya, “at the party, you’re devoted to cooking and cleaning. It’s kind of you. But, no one knows it and says thanks to you”. Sakuya explained with an expression of caring no thanks or fame, “don’t you think it’s a trouble for people if they notice somebody is cleaning as they enjoy the party. That’s why I did so.
In the same game, Remilia told Sakuya that she hoped the latter could have as much rest as work. So Sakuya was forced to take a rest.

Sakuya’s cooking ability is notable and appraised by all. According to ZUN, the ability to throw
knife and the ability of cooking seems to be commensurate, so she is also good at cooking.

Before Makyo, Sakuya never got to know somebody out of the mansion. And she, herself avoided going out.
Sakuya is of a stronger personality. Even after Koumuihenn, she seems to care nothing outside of the mansion. Nonetheless, after she experienced the incidents of Hakurei Daikekkai happening every 60 years, “maybe I’m too cold-blooded for human” she thought. And then she considered changing her attitude.
She begins to go to the village for a visit or a purchase. Then she’ll chat with villagers, and she became more worldly.
In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, the mild dialogue between Sakuya, Reimu and Marisa can be seen everywhere. At that time, it can be seen that she has built an open relationship with humans since Youmu.
In Eastern and Little Nature Deity, at Hakurei Shrine, it can be seen that Sakuya is so happy to see Youmu (roleplay) being the target of a courage test performed.

In addition, during a battle, when tension is escalated, she becomes determined to fight
. So, her character is various with conditions.
In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Sakuya said, “today I’m on urgent mode, so”. She may realize the change of her character.
Plus, when the owner is not in the shop, she tends to take the place of the goods on the sneak. Surprisingly, she is fond of stealing.


Long long ago, Sakuya seems not to be a part of Gensokyo. “Sakuya Izayoi” is also a name given by Remilia, the master. It’s unknown how she grew up and how she became a maid of Scarlet Devil Mansion.

In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, based on Akyuu’s speculation, Sakuya was originally a vampire hunter, but she was persuaded by Remilia and became a maid. It’s unclear where she puts the knife made of silver on when she throws them. Based on comprehension, the above clue is taken into account in speculation (however, after all, there is no evidence to back up Akyuu’s speculation. Probably, the truth of her background is as what The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil shows, and she stays at Scarlet Devil Mansion just for the sake of livelihood).

Besides, from the perspective of utility of spell card and knife, it feels like (
There is evidence that victims are welcoming the culprit without vigilance, so it is a crime committed by a woman called Ripper Jill) Sakuya has something to do with “Assault! Jack the Ripper (Jack-the- ripper)”.


咲夜さん立ち絵 表情差分

Sakuya has bob-cut grey hair. Her sideburns are tied with three-strand braid. Besides, at first, there is green ribbon on her hair.

As for her pupil color, it’s red and brown in Makyo and blue in Youyoumu. As for her height, based on ZUN’s answer in Perfect Cherry Blossom, it’s “tall” (=as high as the height of game 10.5).
The clothes Sakuya wears is blue-and-white maid uniform and a headband (maid headband) on the head. The altitude of her clothes’ hemline varies with different games. Generally, it’s just above her knee (but she wears long skirt in Kourindou).

Although the detailed design of Sakuya’s clothes changes with games, they share some common points. For example, the hem is designed as white as flowing ribbon above the shoulder, maid’s headband, belt and apron (apron) while pants are all blue. In addition, she also hung a silver pocket watch on her waist on the waist.)

However, her clothes still vary a lot in different games. Specifically, she wears different ornaments on her neck in different games, such as green ribbon in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devi, brown muffler in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and ropy green ribbon in Eiyashou and Kaeizuka, etc. Clothes details vary a lot in different games.
More specifically, in terms of disparity, her sleeves are embraided with “Red Magic” in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devi. There are Roman digits on Sakuya’s apron in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

About the opinion that her eyes will turn red when she sings special spell card, people have different views (e.g. “Soul Sculpture”).

other points

“Izayoi” means the day after the fifteenth day (the day when the crescent moon is out of full moon). And if “Sakuya” is written in another way, it becomes “last night”. Therefore, Sakuya Izayoi means full moon. It can also suggest new moon. But her name has nothing to do with the ability of time manipulation.

It’s said “Izayoi” originates from the saying “landlock (proceeding without proceeds and pause)”. However, among millions of gods, there is Konohananosakuyahime (Konohanasakuya-hime > Princess of the Flowering Trees]]). “Saku” means god’s nephew’s (Niniki no Mikoo) daughter-in-law. So she is said to be equivalent to Sakuyahime, the god of [[Mount Fuji]]. In Bougetsushou, it’s indicated that there is original evidence evidence of relative relation named “Saku” means god’s nephew’s son’s daughter-in-law and grandson’s daughter-in-law and Sakuya Hime has her debut.
According to ZUN, Cage in Lunatic Runagate is the hint why Eirin Yagokoro in Eiyashou was shocked by Sakuya. It’s generally…

spell card

Compared with strange skills such as usual barrage and firebombs and flight, Sakuya prefers physical attack. So, she uses knives a lot.

With her ability, she throws knives from all directions and oval and semicircular barrage come into being when time is paused.

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

 magic「Mesmerizing Misdirection」
 Illusion Existence「Clock Corpse」
Illusion Phantom「Jack・the・Ludo Bile」
 Illusion Image「Luna Clock」
 Illusion World「The・World」
 Maid Secret Skill「Manipulating Doll」
 Maid Secret Skill「Killing Doll」
 Conjuring「Eternal Meek」

Perfect Cherry Blossom

 Illusion Sign「Indiscriminate」
 Illusion Sign「Killing Doll」
 Time Sign「Perfect Square」
 Time Sign「Private Square」

Immaterial and Missing Power

 Illusion Sign「Killing Doll」
 Time Sign「Private Square」
 Buriallusion「Phantomic Killer in Night Mist」
 「Sakuya's World」
 Wound Sign「Inscribe Red Soul」
 Wound Sign「Soul Sculpture」
 First Card「Serial Killing Doll」
 Second Card「Checkmaid」
 Jugglery「Close-Up Serial Killer」

Imperishable Night

 Illusion Sign「Killing Doll」
Buriallusion「Phantomic Killer in Night Mist」
 「Deflation World」

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

 Time Sign「Private Vision」
 Private Vision「Mysterious Jack」

Shoot the Bullet

 Time Sign「Tunnel Effect」
 Void「Inflation Square」
Silver Sign「Perfect Maid」

Scarlet Perception Heaven “”

 Illusion Sign「Killing Doll」
 Time Sign「Private Square」
 Wound Sign「Inscribe Red Soul」
 Buriallusion「Phantomic Killer in Night Mist」

「Sakuya’s world」

Scarred Soul「Soul Sculpture」
 Silver Sign「Silver Bound」
 Conjuring「Eternal Meek」
 Speed Sign「Luminous Ricochet」
 Time Sign「Sakuya's Special Stopwatch」
 Illusion「My Knife's Recursions」
 Time Sign「Silver Acute 360」

Touhou Hisoutensoku

 Time Sign「Imaginary Vertical Time」
 Watch「Lunar Dial」
 Light Speed「C. Ricochet」

Double Dealing Character

Bewitched Weapon「Bewitched Weapon」
Time Sign「Dual Vanish」

Impossible Spell Card

Time Sign「Time Stopper Sakuya」
Time Sign「Changeling Magic」

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uniforms in games

  • uniform in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/uniform in Perfect Cherry Blossom /uniform in Imperishable Night /uniform in Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Dangerous † juggler

  • uniform in Immaterial and Missing Power / uniform in Double Dealing Character/ uniform in Curiosities of Lotus Asia/ uniform in Wild and Horned Hermit




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only event

このはな咲夜 (Sakuya Izayoi & Scarlet Devil Mansion center)

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