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Sasha Blouse

A character from "Attack on Titan". 104th Trainee

“Run fast!!''


^ Height 168cm
^ Weight 55kg
^ Age 16 (Joined 104th Training Corps at 13 years old)
^ Birthplace Dauper village located in the southern area of Wall Rose
^ Birthday July 26
^ CV Yu Kobayashi
^ Live Action Cast Nanami Sakuraba
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 4, Second Poll: No. 21

Sasha is a young woman with brunette black hair (dark brown) kept in a ponytail.

Sasha speaks to others with an honorific tone, and she tries to avoid the conflicts with her fellow trainees, at a first glance, she seems to be cautious, but it is unprecedented due to her flawless personality. Along with the ability to graduate from the 104th Training Corps in 9th place and plus that the clan’s tradition is hunting, he is quite wild.
When Sasha joined the Corps, the newcomers were all shaking by the severe squeezing of Keith, only one person among them was staying in a upright figure close to the salute, and she stolen a steamed potato from kitchen and continued to eat, even when the instructor accused her, she changed and started a new topic. Therefore, Sasha earned herself the nickname "Potato Girl”.
When she fell down due to exhaustion, she has showed her “animal” nature to notice the presence of food nearby, and snatched only the food and took it away without hesitation (later she praised that Krista who brought food for her as "Goddess").
She is extremely eager to eat in this way, and maybe that is a by-product of hunting life, she has been keeping an unusually pertinent belief on “Eat when you can eat”. Sasha often steals food from the Corps' kitchen or warehouse and eats them, and even the severe punishment is applied, she has no plan to change it since she is almost the symbol of the appetite. For Sasha, no severe punishment can compare to the penalty of "no meal".
Thanks to all above, the consensus of evaluation from the fellow trainees is “stupid”. When Eren and Jean fight and has been blamed by Keith, Mikasa cheated that "(the big sound for now) is the sound of Sasha’s flatus" (put the truth aside), due to this, Sasha became the character everyone made fun of, and it was recognized as a character (Keith was amazed and said “control yourself ...” while pinching his nose).
Sasha gets along well with Connie who are not good at wits.
Sasha joined the corps because she "can eat delicious food", and she expects that the food supply will be increased in the future with the territorial recovery.

She is not brave enough in her character, but she has the intuition of nature and the tenacity and knowledge gained in hunting life, and plus the good movement of her body, the fighting ability is as good as the others among the top 10. Sasha is good at operating bows, and in Volume 9, she bravely attacked the Titans with a single bow and drove back the Titans. After that, she began to equip bows and arrows, and showed her incomparable skill to shoot from a distance rather than pistols.

Sasha's hearing is also very acute, she can notice the presence of the Titans much earlier than Mike Zacharias who has an excellent smell ability, and she has helped a lot to detect the Titans.

The reason for using the honorific tone to others is because she feels ashamed to use her hometown’s accent, it may also to be because she feels that is polite or she has the delicate and polite personality, it is different.
Or did she feel ashamed...

Side Story

Although Sasha is a popular character, it seems that it was planned that she would die in Volume 9 (Chapter 2 of Season 2 in animation) in the original concept. In another word, Sasha was supposed to be defeated and killed when confronting the Titans with one bow.
According to the author, “It looks cool, but she does not die here. She should die in more suitable place”, so she survived. So Will Sasha die in the future?

In the “Monster Hunter 3G” of the Capcom game, a person who seems to be Sasha appeared as a requester of Collaboration Quest of “Attack on Titan”.
Not like this person, it was withheld in the name itself, but it was regarded as her with high possibly due to the specific way of speaking to use honorifics, and the laughter of “Mufufu”, and above all, the information “A girl who eagerly eats” written in the column of the requester.

By the way, there are two collaboration quests, in the quest of Hallowed Jhen Mohran which is the target of the first series, Deluxe who is a monster that disturbs the player each time does show up at all.
And in the quest of Series 2 Duramboros, she was a requester and said that "The liver of the fish that swims in the sand was really delicious”.


Believe it or not, the reason why Deluxe didn't come out is...

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In the Episode 105, Gabi Braun who equipped the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment taken by the Survey Corps fired Sasha in the airship of the Survey Corps who tried to withdraw from the enemy territory, and then Sasha died.
Strangely, Sasha shot Gabi’s acquaintance (an uncle who is a guard) who cares about Gabi, and Gabi revenged.

It has been a while that no one in the 104th Trainees of the Survey Corps died except Sasha since Ymir and Bertolt died (Ymir died secretly, and Bertolt died because he was a traitor and everyone had the preparation for that).
Mikasa and Armin were crying by the shock in public.
Connie didn't cry, but it seemed that Connie couldn't even cry because a sense of loss was too deep.

By the way, Eren asked Connie, "What are... Sasha’s ...last words?" Connie replied that “she said ...meat...”, when Eren heard this, Eren laughed madly.
Maybe Jean felt a revulsion for the behavior, Jean criticized Eren that “Sasha died because you dragged the Survey Corps in?”, Eren recalled the scene that Sasha said "If we can retake the land, we can have more cows and sheep” on the day of the Struggle for Trost in the year of 850, but now just felt regret for that.
It is still a mystery why Eren laughed at this scene, but it seems that Eren cares about her death by considering the recall of that day of The Struggle for Trost.

Her death was also widely known in Eldia after airship returned back, but Niccolo who was the Marley's prisoner seemed to be attached to her who was enjoying the meals from her heart, and he was so upset and asked the fellow trainees that “Did she really die” and "Why".
Also, Kaya has helped the escape of Gabi and Falco. Kaya was rescued by Sasha (Volume 9: That Story of tankobon) and Kaya admired Sasha from then, she deeply kept the words "I want to be the person like sister Sasha” and her figure.
Ironically, at first time people realized that how important of her existence and the seriousness that she died due to Sasha's death.

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