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Sasha Braus

A character from Attack on Titan.


Age16 years old (She was 13 when she joined the 104th Trainees Squad)
BirthplaceDauper Village, Southern Wall Rose
Voiced byYuu Kobayashi

Sasha Braus is a dark haired girl who often has her hair up in a ponytail.

She often speaks with a polite tone to others and seems clever in the sense that she skillfully avoids confrontations. Seemingly to be the perfect beauty without any flaws, she has one major one: she can’t stop eating.

Sasha graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad in the 9th place, showing that she isn’t without skill. Her family comes from a line of hunters, with Sasha their lineage with her knowledge of for hunting and animal instincts.

When she joined the Trainees Squad, the superior officer was hazing the new recruits until he came across Sasha. She had stood in the same salute as the others when he came by, but there was one problem: in her hands, she held a potato she had stolen from the kitchen and continued to chew the bite she had taken earlier. After the potato incident, she was known as “Potato Girl.” She was punished to run until she fell, which was about 5 hours later. Sasha soon woke to the smell of food which Christa Renz was carrying to feed her, showing an uncanny skill to always aim toward the direction of food. She praised Christa as a goddess.

As an extraordinary glutton and hunter, Sasha believed that food should be eaten when it’s still fresh and continues to follow her mantra, eating food whenever she pleases. She stole some food from the officer’s provisions and offered to share the food to the rest, stating that once they take back Wall Maria, they will soon be able to keep cows and chickens again. Sasha seemed to stand up against so many types of punishment except the punishment that bans food.

Among her comrades, they all agree on one thing about Sasha: “she’s an idiot.” When Eren and Jean were arguing, a superior officer came by to ask what was the matter and Mikasa soon answered that Sasha had let out a loud fart to deceive the superior officer that they had been fighting. It seems that everyone likes to pick on Sasha in this manner.

Sasha, along with her equally not too bright friend, Connie, are both proficient at riding horses. She looked forward to joining the military, which she believed had an unlimited source of delicious food.

Even though Sasha lacks bravery, she makes it up in natural intuition and agility picked up through her hunting days, which allowed her to graduate at rank 10 from the Trainee Squad.

Since Sasha came from a rural area, to hide her accent she speaks politely to everyone. It’s not that she was actually a polite person, it’s that she was too shy and embarrassed to show her accent proving her rural roots.

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