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Serene is a character appearing in the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


One of the heroines, the Sprite of Courage.

An Arc girl. She once lived on Rosalina Island with two friends called Tehse and Polle, but her people were slaughtered by a "demon", and she is the only survivor. She has a frank personality, and has a pair of small black bat wings on her back. She's best frienemies with Lyuri, and picks on her often. Uses a scythe in battle.

She is usually cheerful, but every now and again the loneliness of having lost her people peeks out.

Serene calls herself bad at singing, saying that she can't keep on pitch.

In the audio drama "Memories of the Pendant ~The Arcs' Adventure~", Serene is depicted prior to the Rosalina incident. In "Riviera Private School", she is a delinquent.

When she uses the Witch's Broom item in battle, she yells "Come near me and I'll kill you!". This quote was passed down to Yggdra, and in the end it became a pretty famous joke...

Her voice actress is Ai Nonaka, and her first-person pronoun is "Atashi" (あたし).

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