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Soft Vinyl Girl

ソフビ娘 (Sofubi Musume) in Japanese


A Girl who has the traits of large, soft vinyl dolls. While English image search results for "soft vinyl girl" mostly return photos of terrifying baby dolls, the ones here are mainly based on a Barbie doll style configuration. Includes anything from humans who gained those characteristics to dolls that gained human mobility and/or sapience.

With a few exceptions, most works under this genre currently fall under the R-18G category, so explore at your own risk.


Indistinguishable from the average human under most circumstances, any visible socket joints or their tendency to fall apart gives them away.


Though often drawn with removed parts, their insides are usually hollow and sidestep anything too graphic.

Proper Categorization

The Soft Vinyl Girl tag started off mainly as an R-18G tag. On its own, the concept by itself is not tied to graphic content. But detaching parts from people opens several ethical and philosophical cans of worms. In fact, whether the character depicted originally started human or a doll decides if they fall under subgenres like body horror. It's clean from gore but still a mess to sort out.

Current Trends

The most common segmented body parts are the head, upper body (neck to waist), lower body (waist to crotch), arms, and legs, resulting in 7 pieces. Mainly because the creator of the genre, Shinkaigyo, drew them like that and it stuck.

This is where his first ever drawing post to this site would be, but for some reason Pixiv seems to like pretending some drawings don't exist and makes the whole link and thumbnail blank. And that's weird. So here's a manual link.

Depending on what gets detached, the depiction can gain other categories like amputation, decapitation, limbless, and--- We don't even have these tags in English at the moment. In fact, the site doesn't allow for enough tags per picture to effectively cover them in both languages. Whatever, the point is a Soft Vinyl Girl can end up in a lot of strange situations and ironically being partially objectified makes them less disposable.

For those in the know, September 10th is Soft Vinyl Girl Day when various creators honor the memory of Shinkaigyo. It's a niche scene, but that's when the content tends to arrive. Mostly in novel form, so English-speaking audiences might not get as much out of it.

Lore and Other Material

The creator of the genre really liked lore and wrote a bunch, but also gave his blessings to anybody who'd prefer to ignore all that. Use whatever you like or just do you. Go. Play with dolls and have fun!

Resource Links

The Soft Vinyl Girl wiki
Currently all in Japanese because translating is hard and the creator wasn't kidding that there was a lot. Especially now that more creators have added to it.

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