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The wording Spam (tag name: スパム) has multiple meanings.

Spam is as follow:

1. SPAM, a brand of canned cooked pork made by Hormel Foods Corporation. (Shown in the article's main picture above)
2. Spamming, a internet terms.

About the food brand

The SPAM brand was introduced on July 5, 1937. It gains popularity across the globe after the World War II.


The SPAM stands for Shoulder of Pork And haM.

About the internet terms

The term spamming normally refers to the use of messaging system to send an unsolicited message (Spam) to a large number of recipients for commercial purpose or for prohibited purposed such as phishing. Spam comes in various forms, from email spam, instant message spam, spam in blogs and wiki spam.

On pixivpedia

Under Rule 15 of Article 14 of pixiv's Terms of Use (which is shared across all pixiv's services, including pixivpedia), users are not allowed to create articles for the purpose of advertisement. It is also prohibited to include hyperlink to adult sites, one-click fraud sites and/or malicious sites on the articles, as well as sites that pixiv has deem to be inappropriate.

In addition, users can also blanks the offending pages if those pages were found to be violated any of the rules listed above.

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