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Surge of Killing Intent Series

Surge of Killing Intent Series (Tag name: 殺意の波動シリーズ) is an artwork series coined by KEI-SUWABE, and all related illustrations are attached with this tag.


『I'm going to meet memes stronger than me!』


Officially the first volume of Narikin

KEI-SUWABE first drew a series of famous characters and mascots to parody Street Fighter IV's ink spray art style used in the character design artwork on its promotion video before the game was released world-wide.

While the Street Fighter series uses "Surge of Killing Intent" (殺意の波動, Satsui no Hadou) to explain the dark side of the fictional Ansatsuken martial art, it is instead used to portray the character in an artwork as being strong, or have a murderous killing intent regardless how silly the drawing can be. The "Don't Feel Like Winning" tag is usually added on this kind of artwork.

One should distinguish the two meanings of "Surge of Killing Intent" to prevent confusion as it can either refer to the art style or the state a character(eg: Akuma) has fallen into. However, it was KEI-SUWABE's Professor Layton And The Surge of Killing Intent artwork which made this term popular.

The artwork that started it all


This was the beginning of a legend.

Followed by a big hit 『Where's Wally?』!


The second artwork for this series became extremely popular as its view count is said to be equivalent to the number of users who found this illustration; causing a huge reception.

Here comes some new challengers!

"They" too joined in the fray!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Lacking In "Moe" Girl

The Magic of Greeting(Popopopo~n)




There could be more artworks like this in the near future.

Good, keep em' comi...(fjdjkshjbgkjsdjnf..!!!)

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