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Suzuha Amane

Suzuha Amane is one of the principal characters from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate

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Character History

Personality, and her role in the game/anime

A self proclaimed freelancer, Suzuha is a new part timer working in the Braun Tube Workshop. Although she claimed to work with Mr.Braun because of her interest in Braun Tube, she constantly slacks off by maintaining her bicycle whenever her boss is not around. She is friendly and lively, constantly begins her greeting with "chissu", or "oha~". However, she is sometimes too straight and easily beaten in a game of intelligence.

She claims herself to be a warrior although people around her hardly took her words for real. However Rintarou Okabe believed in her claim, and thus giving her the nickname, "Part Time Warrior" (バイト戦士) as a compliment. Both of them are also on good terms, as they are sometimes seen chit-chatting around, and isn't bothered about Okarin's chuunibyou attitude. However, her treatment towards Kurisu Makise is the complete opposite, and is shown to have a great dislike on her, suggesting that there is a reason for her hatred.

She is also seen to be ignorant about modern norms, as she have no idea on most known Japanese traditional customs, suggesting her mysterious nature. In addition to that, her role in the game also served as a driving force to the plot : If it wasn't for her, things will not have progressed as far as Okarin could have expected to reach...

Difference Between Anime And The Visual Novel

Episode 5

She is shown to help Okarin by buying the necessary computer parts for Daru, and is also shown to have a conversation with Okarin about the details of IBN5100. Additionally, she also spoke of knowing a deceased friend who "knows a lot about IBN5100", suggesting that Suzuha has a certain degree of knowledge about computers.

Episode 12

While this is not portrayed in the game, Suzuha had a game with Okarin on the fictional board game, Rainet Access Battlers, and is seen losing badly to him. Daru later commented on how straight she is, and turn the tide of the game by listening to Kurisu's advice, although she was reluctant to.


BirthdaySept 27, 2017
Three SizesB80:W59:H86
Blood TypeO
HobbiesMartial Arts、Polishing Bikes
Self ReferenceAtashi (あたし)
Favourite Phrases"Oha-!", "Chissu~"
Lab Member008
NicknamesPart Time Warrior, Spoiler Warrior (from NicoNicoDouga)
DislikesKurisu Makise、SERN、Being ordered around
CVYukari Tamura

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