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Takuto Shindou

Shindou Takuto (Tag name: 神童拓人) is one of the main characters and Protagonist in Inazuma Eleven GO and later on in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone. He plays as a midfielder, forward and the captain of Raimon.

CV:Mitsuki Saiga


Shindou was in the first team when he was still in his first year. He was appointed to be the captain the moment he came to Raimon at his first year. Though hesitant about his role, he was convinced by Sangoku (the current captain during that time) and thus become the new captain, believing that he possesses the personality and attributes of what captain needs. He states that Shindou is like a conductor who waves his baton in an orchestra; because of his talent, he is fit to be captain.


He has short, wavy brownish grey hair and brown eyes. In Raimon, he wears the
Shindou in casual clothes. soccer uniform, soccer jacket and the school uniform.
His casual outfit consists of a white and black flannel shirt, black pants, and brown shoes. His casual outfit looks mostly like what conductors or pianists wear before a performance. Coincidentally, he wore his casual clothes when he was playing the piano at his home.

Signature Moves

  • SH] Fortissimo
  • SH] Harmonics
  • SH] Joker Rains

Shindou in Character Design


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