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Tales of the Abyss (TOA/TOtA) is the Tales Series' eighth mothership title developed by Namco Tales Studio which uses the genre name: "The RPG that teaches the meaning of birth" (生まれた意味を知るRPG Umareta Imi wo Shiru RPG)


In celebrating the Tales Series' 10th Anniversary, Tales of the Abyss was released on 15 December 2005 on the Playstation 2. The English version was later released on 10 October 2006 which included new special moves for the characters. The game later received an anime adaption by Sunrise and was aired on October 2008 till March 2009.

A Nintendo 3DS port of the game was announced and was released on 30 June 2011 in Japan while the English version will be released on 14th February 2012.

Character Design by Fujishima Kousuke.


In a fictional world called Auldrant, the planet is composed of seven elementary particles labelled as Fonons. A famous person named Yulia Jue used the Seventh Fonon to read the planet's future and set a path of unlimited prosperity to the people of Auldrant for thousands of years to come. Known as the "Score", Yulia documented this prophecy in tablets called "Fonstones" and is scattered throughout the planet.

For generations, the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and the Malkuth Empire fought over these tablets while the Order of Lorelei uses the Score to emphasize world peace. In this prophecy, a Kimlascan inheriting the power of Lorelei shall be born to lead Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to the prosperity Yulia has promised and is to be called the Light of the Sacred Flame.


Playable Characters

Luke fon Fabre (ルーク・フォン・ファブレ)
"Humph. Don't go comparing me to some pathetic bandit."

The main character. Heir to House Fabre in the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Luke was kidnapped by the Malkuth Empire at the age of ten and returned home with complete retrograde amnesia. Forced to live in his family's manor until his coming of age, Luke grew up as a spoiled, selfish person with no experience of what is outside his own home.

Tear Grants (ティア・グランツ)
I still don't think you really understand.
Not while you can talk about dying so easily.

The main heroine. Tear is a Seventh Fonist soldier from the Order of Lorelei's Oracle Knights who mysteriously appeared in Luke's manor to assassinate Van Grants. However, she teleports Luke and herself halfway across the world and feels responsible in returning Luke back to his home. As a soldier, she gives off a cold personality but has a soft spot for cute things.

Jade Curtiss (ジェイド・カーティス)
Oh, I assure you. I'm crying on the inside. Racked with guilt.

A colonel in the Malkuth Imperial Force, Third Division and is known as "Jade the Necromancer": famous for scavenging corpses in the previous war. Jade is very sarcastic, witty and loves teasing people but tends not to talk about himself. A master of fonic artes who always seem to have something up in his sleeves.

Anise Tatlin (アニス・タトリン)
Raising morale and actually fighting are two different things.
You're probably better off staying behind.❤

A little girl who serves as a Fon Master Guardian to Ion. Anise appears as a cute and outgoing little girl but hides a greedy personality as she dreams of marrying into royalty. She carries Tokunaga, a doll she uses in battle by increasing its size by almost tenfold.

Guy Cecil (ガイ・セシル)
Enter the amazing Guy!

Luke's servant and best friend since childhood and a skilled swordsman in quick drawing. After the kidnapping incident, Guy is the only person that understands Luke who always feel bored staying in his home. A charming, nice guy but has an extreme case of gynophobia as he freaks out whenever women approach him.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear (ナタリア・ルツ・キムラスカ・ランバルディア)
I will do what I can as princess of--no, as a citizen of Kimlasca.

The royal princess of Kimlasca Lanvaldear and Luke's fiance. Natalia may appear as a proud noble who can be demanding and stubborn at times but she is strongly devoted in serving her country for the greater good. Ranked "Master" in Lanvaldear Archery and studied Healing Artes.

Key Characters

Mieu (ミュウ)
A young cheagle who carries the Sorceror's Ring to communicate with humans. Cheagles are treated as sacred beasts to the Order of Lorelei and are able to breath fire when it becomes an adult.

Ion (イオン)
Fon Master and leader of the Order of Lorelei. Ion is an optimistic yet soft-spoken person who sees the positive aspects of people and wishes to seek world peace. Despite being the leader of the Order, Ion believes that the Score is one of many possibilities that can occur.

Asch (アッシュ)
One of the six God Generals who is also known as "Asch the Bloody" (鮮血のアッシュ, Senketsu no Asch). Asch is a cold and brutal soldier just as his namesake due to his upbringing. Despite being under the Oracle Knights, he always does things by himself with or without being ordered.

Van Grants (ヴァン・グランツ)
Luke's sword instructor and mentor who is also the commandant of the Oracle Knights, ranked Dorian General and Maestro in the Order of Lorelei. Due to Van's training and teaching, Luke always look up to him with high respect. As the commandant of the Oracle Knights, he leads the Six God Generals.

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