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Tengen Uzuis

Tengen Uzuis

He is one of the top slayers of the Demon Slayer Corps, the 「Sound Hashira」who practices dual wielding. Men of his height (about 180cm) were rarely seen in Taisho Era. Anyway, Tengen is a very tall, wide-set handsome man of a bulky, muscular build. He wears a punk makeup, and is styled with a diamond pyroxene headband. He likes the lavish style, always wants to complete actions 「flamboyantly」. He calls himself the 「the Godflamboyant」(=the God of fete). And in his dictionary, the word 「plain」is a swearword. (In the main story, he swears at enemies:「Go to hell in a plain style!」)

Three months after the tragedy of the mugen train, Tengen was assigned with the mission of finding out demons that are lurking in the recreation district Yoshiwara. He sent his three wives to spy on the location, but later lost contact with all of them. So Tengen had to go to Yoshiwara to continue the mission. He decided to kidnap several girls from the Butterfly Estate, but he had some problems to do this. However, he ran into Tanjiro・Zenitsu・Inosuke who volunteered to disguise as women to go for the mission instead of the girls.

Then, they managed to accomplish the Demon Slayer Corps’ long-cherished wish to suppress Upper Moon demons once again after one hundred and thirteen years. However, in the fierce battle with Upper Moon Six- Gyutaro and Daki, Tengen lost his left hand and left eye. Then he had to give up his position as a Hashira member and retire to be a common demon slayer responsible for training the young.

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