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Tiro Finale

Tiro Finale (Tag name : ティロ・フィナーレ) is a finishing move in the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica used by Mami Tomoe on the witch Gertrud and later, Charlotte.

Tiro Finale (ティロ・フィナーレ)



Tiro Finale was first seen in episode 2, where Mami Tomoe used this move to finish off a witch named Gertrud by summoning an enormous flintlock cannon using her ribbon. It is a one large shot that lets out a huge damage, killing a witch instantly. While Mami's flintlock cannon shape changes it's shape from time to time, it is still seen to be large in size whenever it's summoned. Her method of summoning is also varied - Ribbon is not exclusive to summoning her enormous flintlock cannon for this move.

In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it is the only move used by any Puella Magi that is actually named, as the other 4 Puella Magis do not shout out their move names when they fight. Hence some Japanese viewers regarded Mami as a dellusional. It is currently known as an underground meme used by some people, although not many.

Tiro Finale means "Final Shot" in Italian. Initially it was supposed to be named Ultimate Shoot but the scriptwritter, Urobuchi Gen thought of the name to be too simple, and ended up using Tiro Finale after some research.

In the manga, Tiro Finale was instead named "Filo Finale" instead, though the weapon is seen to be much smaller compared to the anime.

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