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Titan (Attack on Titan)

A species from Attack on Titan. The main antagonists of the series.


Around the year 743, the titans first appeared out of nowhere, devouring humans. A mysterious existence, no one was able to figure out just why they attacked humans.

The size of titans vary from 3 meters to up to 60 meters tall. The average titan appears to be around 3 to 15 meters. Most titans appear to resemble males even though titans themselves do not have any sexual organs or parts denoting their gender. There are a few female-looking titans, but they appear to be quite rare. Compared to humans, titans have more teeth filling their mouths.

Titans appear very different from humans as some of them have larger heads than their bodies or some other kind of deformity. They may act erratically in behavior and some only aim for certain types of people. Others may not have skin, while some titans may smaller limbs than others. Even though they are giant, some move as if they were very light.

There are a few titans with interesting facial features, some with large eyes and others with interesting expressions. It seems that it may even affect people, as one soldier was frozen just from staring at a titan’s face.

A titan’s weak point seems to be the nape of their neck on the back of their heads. When defeated, their flesh disappear and the remnants eventually evaporate.

Titans only target humans as they seem to show no interest in animals or other creatures. They feast on humans but don’t seem to require them for energy or survival as for 100 years they didn’t feed on humans, yet their numbers haven’t lessened. They don’t have digestive systems and once they’ve had their fill of humans, they spit them back up and eat more. It seems that titans’ reasons to eat humans are merely to kill them.

While most usual titans target humans closest to them, there are a special class of erratic titans that seem to act on their own decisions.

Unique Titans

The information below carries spoilers.

The titans below are all Titan Shifters which their titan counterparts appear to carry some kind of emotion from when they were humans.

  • Colossal Titan: In the year 845, it was a 60-meter tall titan that appeared and broke down the wall that was surrounding the Shiganshina District.
  • Armored Titan: In the year 845, it was an armored titan that broke down the gates to enter Shiganshina District through the walls.
  • Female Titan: Unusual power and intellect. She can harden her skin and create claws.
  • Eren’s Titan: Nicknamed Erengelion by Japanese fans. It’s Eren’s titan form.
  • Ymir’s Titan

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