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Toyosatomimi no Miko

Toyosatomimi no Miko is a character in Touhou Project. She first appears in Stage6 of Ten Desires(as the final boss).


nicknameShotoku Taoist(ShinKu) Almighty Taoist who Controls the Cosmos(Shin) The Supremely Gifted Hermit(Ibara) Bizarre! The Fiend of the Two-Colored Mantle(Shin) Almighty and Humanitarian Taoist (Hyou)
Abilitiescapable of listening to ten people's conversations at the same ti
Threat Level※Low
Human Friendship Level※Very High
Main Place of ActivityElusive
AppearancesTen Desires Stage 6 Boss Hopeless Masquerade Playable Character Wild and Horned Hermit in the Chapter 18 “A Hermit of a Religionist” Impossible Spell Card the final day Urban Legend in Limbo Playable Character Antinomy of Common Flowers Playable Character Violet Detector the Boss of Nightmare Sunday
Music ThemesShotoku Legend ~ True Administrator

※However, the evaluation of the threat level and the human friendship level is based on the character Hieda no Akyuu who is in the works.

She is a hermit resurrected from a mausoleum in the graveyard basement of the Myouren Temple. Also known as King Shotoku.

The motif is an ancient Japanese celebrity・Prince Shotoku. And she is absolutely a girl.
The character has been moved to Gensokyo because it tends to be a fictional character recently.(ZUN’s talk)

She is called “Toyosatomimi Sama” by Seiga, and is called “Prince” by Futo.

As an anecdote of “Toyosatomimi”, she was born in a stable(※), and was able to listen to and understand all the appeals of officials from an early age, and to give accurate instructions.
For this reason, she was to be deceived as a Saint, but she was dissatisfied with the destiny of human dying. And Seiga Kaku who heard it came and spread Taoism to her and she believed in Taoism. However, because anyone who practiced by Taoism can become hermit, and it was inappropriate in politics, Seiga came up with the idea that to popularize Buddhism in the front, and to spread Taoism to the authorities in the back.
By accepting the idea, she developed a number of legend by promoting Taoism research and exerting superhuman power. She also researched immortality and worked on alchemy in the process.

However, she destroyed the body by dangerous drugs (such as mercury) used in alchemy.
She decided to become Shikaisen(Shikaisen). But to become Shikaisen, she had to die once. she was afraid to die even if it was a fake one, so she asked Mononobe no Futo to become a guinea pig. After seeing Futo’s dead body without decaying, she was convinced and died with the magic arts of Shikaisen to replace her body with a treasure sword.
However, the Buddhist monks] suspected the death of Miko and feared she would resurrect, so they built a temple on the mausoleum to prevent her resurrection. Miko who had no idea of it was patient and kept sleeping to wait for until her resurrection at any time.

Eventually, her legend began to be said to be fictional, and she moved to Gensokyo with the mausoleum in search of faith.
This time, Byakuren Hijiri, the ally of yokai, built the Myouren Temple directly above the mausoleum to prevent Miko's resurrection. Nevertheless, spirits who wanted to fulfill their own desires gathered around her. This was the origin of Ten Desires. And Hijiri is unable to hold back her power and revives.This was the beginning of Divine Spirits Incident. And Hijiri was unable to hold back her power and she revived at last.

In fact, she seemed to be able to sleep for another while. The reason for her resurrection is that Hijiri built a temple directly above her.
Hijiri consulted Nazrin about the location of the temple and was told that there was something dangerous underground near the Human Village. Hijiri found out that it turned out to be quite powerful during her investigation, and Hijiri intended to seal it with a temple built above. However, she was unable to seal it completely due to lack of power, and instead stimulated Miko, resulting in her earlier resurrection. By the way, Kyouko knew nothing about this whole story. Also, it seems that Hijiri did not know that the one was buried underground as King Shotoku. When Yuyuko was told about the details of the incident by Youmu, she said, “A person who from 1400 years ago can be resurrected. How wonderful and enviable.” Apparently she didn't know much details.

※In fact, she was not born in a horse stable. It a episode borrowed from Saint from Crucifixion to improve her status as Saint.

In Hopeless Masquerade, She noticed that the Human Village was out of order, and hope was lost from human hearts. She defeated her disturbing colleagues, seized people’s heart, and to save the world and became the hope.

However, during the course of the activity, the lost of the stage of hope and the ineffectiveness of her ability to control was revealed by Hata no Kokoro, a monster with the ability to control emotion causing by the changes.
Moreover, she knew that the youkai was a mourning god who had stayed on her own mask that she gave to her subordinate in the past. So she suggested to make a new mask to end the incident.

Later, the mask as promised and handed it her. But the design of the mask was very amazingand Reimu who saw the new mask was shocked.(The person who made it was confident with a smug face)
It seemed to have been made with efforts, and Kokoro also described the result as “perfect”.

As an aside, Miko in this work has many stories, including the above.
Specifically, full-body graphics are glittering (So does Futo, but not as much as Miko). Mamizou Futatsuiwa transformed into Miko to a spell card called “Playtime's Over” tobecome huge, and would make a strange high laugh like some villain after a victory. The icon of the special ability cage became the foreigners in four-frame comic and so on.
By the way, Futo who is often treated as a fool's child, has few element like this.Why would this happen?

Since she is the person who made the mask, she is close to being the parent of the Kokoro, and Kokoro called her as “ god ”.

The sequel Urban Legend in Limbo uses the urban legend “Red Mantle and Blue Mantle”. In the “Occult Attack”, the mantle is used to capture the opponent and it is displayed as “red(strengthen the attack)” or “blue(strengthen the shoot)”. However, with the version upgrade, the options has increased, and a reverse display of red and blue of a malicious trick like use red to represent blue mantle and use blue to represent red mantle appeared (so the choice time has been reduced).
Nevertheless, Miko of this work has a strong aspect of acting intelligently in the story, and if you chose “yellow” as the answer on the back, there is a trick to give you an “ orange”(From VS Miko’s rare victory dialogue).

In the work, her intelligence and on-site research have independently reached an understanding of the Occult Balls’s mechanism and its influence. After that, it was at the stage of directly knowing the cause of the series of turmoil and the purposes. In this work, she also plays an important role in stories of the one who is not related to Myouren Temple or Shinreibyou() in the former works. In particular, the opposition and confrontation of opinion between she and Byakuren is depicted in this work, and the two people’s behaviors which differ in means and processes can be seen while they are recognizing the “identity” of each other. For example, as mentioned earlier, there is an act that the Shinreibyou() was covered by a “ lid ” and this act shows the irony to the position of Byakuren.

As mentioned above, the richness of the expression, such as the goodness of following to the atmosphere with three-step laughs of the winning pose, is also alive in this work. Also, as mentioned earlier, the one who becomes huge in Shinkirou is another person, but in this work, her own huge cut finally appears(<*A Mystery Figure of the Century, Red Mantle and Blue Mantle*>).
Various expressions of Miko are depicted, such as she is sometimes unexpectedly surprised by the topic of money, she cares about whether her achievements have been properly transmitted in the outside world]. In Shinkirou, she is surprised at the existence and behavior of Kokoro, but she is also surprises by Kokoro's unexpected growth in this work.

The design is selected because it is deeply related to the occult and the mantle as described above. And in the full-body graphics, there is also a typical cut that her upper body is wrapped by the mantle, while she is having the pose of drawing the hem to the lip by hand from the inside of the mantle.

Furthermore, in Shinpiroku’s PS4 version, Miko arrives at the House of Eternity as she continues to investigate the mysteries of urban legend which have continued since the occult ball disappeared. At that time, Miko discovers the mechanism of the infinite corridor in the House of Eternity, and says that she can break the art without knowing whether it is serious or bluff. Judging from the facts of the House of Eternity and the remarks made by Reisen on that day, the eternal art is made by Kaguya Houraisan.

Miko has been watching the House of Eternity vigilantly since before, and when Reimu visits Miko to investigate another strange incident, she points to the House of Eternity and says, “ We don't know what they're planning so they're not necessarily allies ” (Ibarakasen).

In Antinomy of Common Flowers, she starts a tour in Gensokyo with Hakuren, who formed a combination for a catastrophic investigation, to investigate the complete possession, and is approaching to the truth of it with victories, and sometimes defeats. Futo and Ichirin are also involved in the investigation of Miko and her colleagues, and they use their power to the experiment of finding out the mechanism of complete possession.
In addition, through the contact with Doremy, Miko knows about the greater confusion that arises from the urban legendary incident which she predicted at the time of the Shinpiroku’s PS4 version. And she feels a sense of crisis and willingness to resolve it.
Also this work is busy with expanding supporters, and “Operations” is going to be done through the speech below.
On one hand, she is said to be “a hermit who considers herself the greatest” by Shinmyoumaru because of her self-confident attitude and wisdom. On the other hand, She is called as “a born to be wicked hermit” by Reisen From the Dream World when she steps in to the House of Eternity with defense system.
In the conversation with Byakuren and Kanako in Symposium of Post-mysticism, she points out the absence of human rulers in the Human Village in Gensokyo today. She also shows that he is not going to be a politician. Reimu and others are wary of the possibility that Miko will run in control of the human heart, and watch the movement of Myouren Temple, due to the above incidents and the uproar in the Shinkirou(Strange Creators of Outer World).

Miko also seems to be giving a lecture individually, according to the interview in “Bunbunharu Weekly”, Miko asserts that she will rule over humans, protesting the existence of her opponents and their conspiracy, instead of yielding to them.
Her claims and lines are very similar to the “ president ” from the outside world.
Because of the similarity, it has led to the ban on the publication of Bunbunharu Weekly.
In short, Miko says, “I didn't say a word”.
Miko’s claim is said to be a “ fabrication ” and a “full plagiarizing ” of others by Aya Shameimaru, and later a statement is made to apologize.
The actual theme of Miko's lecture was much different(Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia).


She should have be be a Shikaisen as Futo, maybe it is the difference of class which made her more than a human.
She is a divine spirit. It refers to those who are worshiped as deities within the spirit. She had become a divine spirit when she was alive and had became a gods after death. But it is unknown that which one does her soul belong to.
The power of the divine spirits is the power of the faith, and she will become more influential on humans and youkai with more people who worship her and vice versa. Although different from the Yaoyorozu no Kami, Sanae says that it is of the same nature as Kanako and Suwako Moriya.


神子様立ち絵 ポーズ差分&赤面追加など

She has blonde hair or light brown hair which looks like two sharp animal ears, with a ear pad which has the character of “harmony”. Instead of a headphone, it seems to be an earmuff for sound insulation as over-audible limiter due to her abilities. By the way, it seems that spring is used on it like the frog hat. It might have a function to pick up sound in some specific places or directions.

The color of sleeveless clothing (armpit Miko) is light purple, and the purple color of the skirt corresponds to the top color of the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System decided by Prince Shotoku. By the way, instead of the original outfits, it was arranged in a modern style after she revived.

The model of the hair style comes from the section of the article 2 in the Seventeen-Article Constitution“to honor the three treasures, which is the Buddha, the scrolls, and the monks”. And “ the Buddha, the scrolls, and the monks(bubbosou)” is related to a crying bird, the scops owl’s ear tufts. Probably be the Indian scops owl considering the color and the shape of the ear tufts(→the reference link). Owls such as Japanese scops owls correspond to the raptor and are at the top of the ecosystem. ZUN says that this hairstyle is a replacement to the ears hidden by headphones.

She carries a sword (commonly known as theseven-star sword) with the pattern of the sun around her waist, and a scepter in her hand. ZUN says that in his imagination, the scepter of Prince Shotoku is hit with “Playtime's over, bang-bang”.


In Hopeless Masquerade, she wears a mantle.→ShinkirouMiko


She calls herself “I”, and others “you”. However she will use “sir/madam” to call those who are recognized as powerful. She is as polite and courteous as a saint.
Subsequent works, including Shinkirou, sometimes use the term “hey” to call others (for example, in Shinpiroku and Ibarakasen, for Byakuren and Reimu, respectively).

She has a strong sense of responsibility due to her position. When she noticed that the loss of hope was the cause of the changes in Shinkirou, she said “I will make a new mask of hope. In the first place, Kawakatsu's mask is made by me”. Later, after Kokoro was rampaged, she said, “I”ll take the responsibility as it’s my fault. Let's get it back to a simple tool now”. She gives the attitude of trying to solve the deplorable events caused by herself. (By the way, that part is also passed on to Kokoro)

In Shinreibyou, she also gives a a moving greeting to Reimu after the battle to apologize for the disapproval of the match and invite her to her house built in fairyland.

Sanae is said to have been converted to her, who is the owner of an overwhelming charisma after the change in a different futureSanae(At first she was searching for her faith and then she converted spontaneously)。She was trained in the dojo for some time (she realizes that there will be no increase in her faith without knowing Taoism or Buddhism).
Also, she shows her friendliness after the battle to give a lecture to Marisa on how to treat small divine spirits of desires.(However Marisa couldn't handle the desired voice of the small divine spirits)

Although she gets the essence of Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae right, but she continue to behave arbitrarily, especially when it comes to the half-phantom Youmu who cares nothing about the life and the death at the beginning, she misunderstands the essence, and she will not listen at all even if Youmu points out she is wrong.
Youmu herself said, “I’m already half dead,” but after she heard the story of the ghost of her lord Yuyuko, who became a Shikaisen after the change, she tried on her own(she get bored in a few days by self-learning) and died. It is unknown that whether she has no desire to live or die because of this reason.

In this episode, you can see her oversleeping, waking up to the ability to see desires, and helping others without listening to the other party. She also affirms Stage5 Boss. She apologized to Reimu that when she visited the shrine, her judgment was dull as she was just waking up.
On the setting, as mentioned above, it is possible to hear and understand the other party's story and give an accurate instruction. However, she seems to have difficulty waking up after resurrection.

Her expression is depicted differently in Shinkirou and Shinpiroku, not the same as her first appearance in Shinreibyou and Ibarakasen. She acts more neutral including her way to speak. In Shinkirou, she has a subtle tone as described above, but in Shinpiroku, she behaves in a charismatic way.
Especially in Shinpiroku, she is sometimes described as “ haughtiness ”(Shinmyoumaru’s comment in Shinpiroku).

There is a actual word of Prince Shotoku “cherish the harmony among people”, and it can be related to Miko in the stage title “Hold Harmony Sacred” in Shinreibyou.
Miko also gives comments on “harmony”, for example, the below words in Hyouibana:

Did you always say that you respect harmony? ”(Kasen)
That means don't go against me ”(Miko)
Oh, like that…… ”(Kasen)

In addition, Miko, like other beings, exists in the Dream World, and Doremy instructs Miko on the current side through the appearance of Miko in the Dream World, and asks that “you really want to control Gensokyo exclusively”(Vs. Miko Victory Dialogue, Hyouibana). The Dream World’s Miko is as exclusive as Doremi’s commentary, and Dream World's Miko takes a radical position in “ evil ”, and shows a sharpened sense of mission to the god of heaven. Also, the Dream World’s Miko expects that the current Miko will be swallowed up by her, so that she can activate Miko’s “ evil ”.The meaning of this Doremy question is revealed in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature .

Another glimpse into the emotional aspects of Miko can be seen. In Hyouibana, when Miko knew that Gensokyo was to be affected by the upheaval of the mayhemthe, which caused by the Lunar Capital, origin of the urban legendary incident described in the previous Shinpiroku, she shoed extreme discomfort. That is to say, there are sometimes some cases which show Miko’s anger.
She has expressed disappointment in Yukari Yakumo’s attempt to snatch the results of their research, and has showed her passion for health in front of people and the importance of managing sweets. It is another different expression of Miko (Bunka Shinpou).


capable of listening to ten people's conversations at the same time]] Following the description, her ability to not only listen and understand literally ten people at the same time, but also give appropriate advice. She can listen to the stories of not only humans but also ten divine spirits at the same time.

By understanding their desires at the same time, she can instantly read the factors that formed their desires and understand the essence of that person. It seems that she can not only look back on the person’s past but also predict the near future. However, this is only possible when the person's ten greeds are all heard, and the disadvantage is that foresight is distorted if the greed is absent or absent. However, it is only possible when the person’s ten desires are all heard, and the disadvantage is that her foresight will be distorted if the person has no desire or their desires is absent.
According to the book Gumon Kuju, it is speculated that this ability comes from the “outstanding ability to see what people want.
It looks similar to capable of reading minds in Satori Komeiji, but Miko’s ability is to read the qualities of the subject and to read their future rather than reading the mind, memories and current ideas.
The ability is also similar to the ability of Eiki Shiki’s “Cleansed Crystal Mirror”, but less accurate than the mirror. Nevertheless, she may have been unfamiliar with her ability because her judgment becomes dull as she sleeps too much and she has just acquired the ability of converting the religion.

It is her unique ability to listen to ten stories at the same time, because she will have different judgment if she listens in orders. She says, “People's ideas change over time. If you listen in order, the results will change. Therefore, if you do not listen to the ten desires at the same time, you will not be able to see the real figure”. Also, she is able to understand something if the desires are less than ten. However, she seems that she can grasp the individual desires of the ten desires, noting that Youmu is lack of two desires.

Because she has a superhuman hearing aside from her ability, so she usually wears the headphone as a limiter.

Superhumanization by Taoism

It is possibility happened when she breaks the seal of Byakure.
According to the statement of Sanae, collecting the small spirit’s desires is the same as collecting the strong desires and prayers of human, which is synonymous with collecting faith. If she follows it, she will be extremely powerful by combining the ability of absorbing all of the small spirits of desires in Gensokyo and her racial traits of becoming powerful while the faith becomes powerful, which is the same as the divine spirits.
Even before complete absorption, Seiga told Reimu when she visited the shrine to become a disciple of Reimu, “(Your power) is on par with Toyosatomimi.(Even after the war, Kojin spirits are still gathering and seem to have continued to appear until she came to the village)
Furthermore, in a bad end, Reimu withdrew because she needed to prepare in earnest to solve Gensokyo’s conjuncture, and Marisa once withdrew as she felt the enemies’ aura is strong. Sanae retreated from King Shotoku as she can't manage it, and Youmu was said to have a reputation of being neglectful. The immeasurable power also can be found in the legends and common theories.


The divine spirits that gathered during the Shinreibyou’s changes are not true divine spirits but small spirits of desires. It is a spirit before it becomes the god and a fleeting being which is born from prayer, appearing and disappearing repeatedly.
According to Yuyuko>Yuyuko Saigyouji]], it is not a child of a spirit, a lump of desires, or a spirit. Therefore, they are trying to be a real spirit and are gathering at the mausoleum to benefit from Miko's resurrection. And the numbers of them make they look like the starry sky.
According to Youmu, it is born not only from their own body but also from all creatures in Gensokyo, including yurei. The cause is that Miko says, “Because I will hear ten desires at the same time every day,so they will gather together by themselves for their desires.”
The small divine spirits gathered at the time of the changes are born from prayers and strong desires. Then have intentions, and speak words to appeal for desires. Miko read desires from these small divine spirits by her ability and got various information. Therefore, the mausoleum was described as “akashic records in Gensokyo”, referring to the situation in which small divine spirits gather in the mausoleum. The information of Gensokyo was obtained by reading the past, the present, and the future of these divine spirits which embodies from strong desires and prayers in Gensokyo.
Later, when Miko appeared in the village, the little spirit disappeared because they were completely absorbed Miko, who is a real divine spirit. In other words, she had accepted all the small divine spirits who appeal for all kinds of desires.
Seiga also describes her as “a person who can hold a lot of desire, and so to gather the desires.”

There is a rumor about her among the people’s village that she is able to hear and understand the ten stories at the same time. They moved their house in the new Other Dimension]] they made in the mausoleum, and made a dojo too. They lives a comfortable life at the place. According to Reimu who has visited the house, the dojo was very large and brilliant, and the buildings, tools and accessories are as if they had been seen somewhere in [[the moon]] or the [[Heaven]]. The repulsion of Shinigami seems to be a good stimulus.

It is said that this Other Dimension is a world where you can have infinite expanse from a small gap, and you can move to anywhere instantly, and people cannot be certain whether it is Gensokyo.
When she visited Reimu's shrine for both greeting and apologizing, she lifted the stone in the shrine’s precincts and appeared. This is probably due to the stone thrown by of Prince Shotoku→Reference links(Taishi-cho, Hyogo Prefecture).

Spell Cards

Touhou Shinreibyou

Names of Spell CardsENHLEXRemarks
Honor “Colors of Twelve Levels”
Honor “Ranks of Twelve Levels”
Hermit Sign “Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun”
Hermit Sign “Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun”
Summon “Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance”
Secret Treasure “Armillary Sphere of Ikaruga-dera”
Secret Treasure “Prince Shotoku's Out-of-Place Artifact”OVERDRIVE
Light Sign “Halo of the Guse Kannon”
Light Sign “Guse Flash”
Discernment “Laser of Seventeen Articles”
Divine Light “Honour the Avoidance of Defiance”
“Falling Stars on Divine Spirit Mausoleum”
”Newborn Divine Spirit”


  • “Divine Spirits’ Universe”

Hopeless Masquerade

Names of Spell Cards’References
Hermit Sign “Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun”
Tao Sign “Heavenly Way Atop One’s Palm”
Human Sign “Tradition of Just Rewards”
“Heed the Commands with Absolute Care”Last Words

Story Mode Only

Names of Spell CardsReferences
Virtue Sign “Prestige of Shotoku”
Light Sign “Lasers of Infinite Articles”
“Playtime’s Over”the spell card of Mamizou who transformed into Miko
“Faith-Augmentation Prayer Ceremony”Co-owner with Reimu
“Great Menreiki Expulsion”Co-owner with Reimu・Byakuren
“Trinity Religion Finale”Co-owner with Reimu・Byakuren

Danmaku Amanojaku

Names of Spell CardsStagesReferences
“My Way is Truly That of Heaven!”the 10th Day Scene2
“Seventeen-Article Constitution Bombs”the 10th Day Scene7

Touhou Shinpiroku

Names of Spell CardsReferences
*As a Special Service, I’ll Let You Choose Both!*Strange Last Words

Story Mode Only

Names of Spell CardsReferences
Fiend “Hermetic Cape”
Fiend “Bloody Cape”PS4 Version
Fiend “Cursing Red-Blue Cape”PS4 Version
“Life and Death are Fated ~Choose Your End by Your Own Free Will”PS4 Version
*The Great Fiend's Arteries and Veins*Strange Spell Cards
*Fiend of the Century, ‘Red Cape Blue Cape’*Strange Spell Cards

Antinomy of Common Flowers

The playable spell card is the same as in Shinkirou, and the last words is the same as in Shinpiroku.

Story Mode Only

Names of Spell CardsReferences
Light Strike Sign “Vajra Shoot of the Noble Path that Guides You”At the time of complete possession combined with Byakuren(slave)
Light Wind Sign “Radiant Feng Shui Cape”At the time of complete possession combined with Futo(slave)
Light Sign “Glory of the Noble Dream Path that Guides You”At the time of complete possession combined with Doremy(slave)
Strike Light Sign “Glory of Skanda's Noble Path”At the time of complete possession combined with Byakuren(master)
Kick Slash Sign “Garuda's Shotoku Slash”At the time of complete possession combined with Byakuren(master)
Light Hermit Sign “Monk & Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun”At the time of complete possession combined with Byakuren(master)

Hifuu Naitomea Daiari

Names of Spell CardsReferences
Star Divine Sign “Superhuman of Seventeen Articles”Co-owner with Byakuren Hijiri.
Scarlet Divine Sign “Catastrophe of Seventeen Articles”Co-owner with Flandre Scarlet.
Divine Scarlet Sign “Bloody Laser of Seventeen Articles”Co-owner with Remilia Scarlet.


  • a fictitious character?

As mentioned above, “It was suddenly to be said as a fictional character” because the tradition of Prince Shotoku was made in the Heian period by the imperial household and the Fujiwara clan, who had been in power at that time. So Fujiwara clan could easily compile the history translated it into the contents that was convenient for them. The suspicion of they probably adopting for the story has been regarded as prominent in recent years, and finally, an extreme speculation that whether the existence of Prince Shotoku himself might be fictional? came out.
Even if we do not go to the point whether it was a real character, there were many doubts toward the anecdotes which he has reached the level of deification as the earliest ones. It is very possible that the Fujiwara clan made up various stories for their own good to the image of a real character Prince Umayado(the original name of Prince Shotoku), to solidify the political system’s foundation of the emperor sovereignty(which is the sovereignty of Fujiwara clan in borrowed plumes).
In addition, the Soga clan (of course, the character’s ancestry model) was said to have been more damaged in some ways by the history modification by Fujiwara clan (they should play the villain as they lost their position in Taika Reform). The theory that Prince Shotoku and Soga no Umako were colleagues who worked together, rather than in opposition position in politics becomes popular nowadays. Well, the Mononobe clan (of course, the character’s ancestry model) might have been even more terrible・・・
By the way, Fujiwara No Fuhito is one of the most prominent suspects of in the main characters of Fujiwara clan’s historical tampering.       that is・・・?
Given this, it is interesting that there seems to be a shallow connection between Miko and the Eiyashou group.

His unclear existence has also affected the educational scene, and for a time he disappeared from textbooks such as history textbook, and his paintings that are regarded as portraits are marked with “(legends)”, or his existence was merged into the King Umayado. Since the turn of the 21st century, “Prince Shotoku” has gone through a period of upheaval.
The confusion has continued for some time, but in the 2017 course of study (published in February of the same year), the “Prince Shotoku” notation has been revived, and consolidation into the "King Umayado" notation or both names have been rejected. This change will take effect from 2020 for elementary schools and 2021 for junior high schools.
It seems that the notation written at the site were not well-received because it is “difficult to teach” (the electronic edition of the Nikkei News, refer to March 31, 2017).

  • Girlification

In the biography “Godensho” of True Pure Land Buddhism’s founder Shinran, there is a legend that he heard from Prince Shotoku that “行者宿報設女犯 我成玉女身被犯 一生之間能荘厳 臨終引導生極楽”(which means: If the ascetics yielded to lust in their previous life, I shall become a female and help them in my lifetime, and I will guide them to the paradise when they are dying). It may be the original story of the girlification of the prince.


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