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A character from Jin's Kagerou Project.

"Let's live our lives together."


A character from Jin's Kagerou Project. He appears in Shinigami Record. He is Azami's husband, and Shion's father.

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He had pale coloring from birth, and was avoided by his fellow villagers as a "monster".

One day, he met Azami the medusa, and when she told him "I'm a monster, don't come near me," he said, "Being alone is too lonely. I'm a monster too, so let's live our lives together," and held out his hand to her.

After that, they gave birth to Shion, and lived together as a happy family. But the villagers, who mistook Azami for having kidnapped Tsukihiko, attacked their family, which caused Azami to go into "Kagerou Daze" by herself.

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