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Twisted Wonderland

"Twisted Wonderland" is an app for smartphones that plans and distributes Aniplex and cooperates with Walt Disney Japan.

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1 Overview
2 story
3 characters
3.1 Hearts Labur Dormitory <Alice in Wonderland>
3.2 Sabana Claw Dormitory <Lion King>
3.3 Octavinel Dormitory <The Little Mermaid>
3.4 Skalavia Dormitory <Aladdin>
3.5 Pomfiore Dormitory <Snow White>
3.6 Ignihide Dormitory <Heracles>
3.7 Diasomnia Dormitory <Sleeping Beauty>
3.8 Onboro Dormitory
3.9 Night Raven College Officials
3.9.1 School director
3.9.2 Teacher
3.9.3 Staff
3.10 Other characters
4 terms
5 Limited time event
6 About works with directors and dormitory students
6.1 Director / Dormitory Student
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" Twisted Wonderland " is an app for smartphones that plans and distributes Aniplex and cooperates with Walt Disney Japan .
The draft, main scenario, and character design are the heart of a manga artist .
The official name is "Disney Twisted Wonderland" and the official abbreviation is " Twisted ".
The service will start on March 18, 2020.
At the time of release, it is said that about 1.5 million players have already pre-registered .

An adventure game based on Disney Villains, where you can live a school life in a mysterious world that is twisted and distorted with them . There is a command RPG and a rhythm game between the main parts, and training and battle can be done automatically.
The feature is that there is a hidden Mickey in the background graphic .


This story depicts the true picture of the " villains ".

The hero who was led by a magic mirror and summoned to another world "Twisted Wonderland".
I arrived at the prestigious magician training school "Night Raven College".

The hero, who has nowhere to go, is protected by the masked school director and begins to look for a way to return to the original world.
However, the students waiting there were all talented but problematic children with no coordination!

Can the protagonist cooperate with them and return to the original world?
And what are the secrets of the students with the soul of Villains?

(The above is an excerpt from the official website)


At this school, the Vilans appearing in the motif work are visualized as handsome characters (strictly speaking, they are not the characters who appeared in the movie, so they are not male , TS , or anthropomorphic ), and everyone It is praised as a "great hero" who brilliantly confronted the main characters of the work, and is called " Great Seven ".