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Clothes to wear so as to be in close contact with the skin on the inside of the clothes.

Underwear, clothes on the inside of the skin wear so as to be in close contact with clothing . Underwear is also referred to as (underpants). By wearing, to protect the clothes on it from dirt from the body, warm the body, comfort, in addition to maintain hygiene. It has now been the pursuit of material with excellent sweat absorption and breathability.

Although it depends on the work underwear handle Some user to finely depict.
In the work that has been published in the adult magazine of underwear lace pattern even those that are finely drawn.
However, lace pattern , but takes a long time in its own way and is such as to try to finely drawn.

In addition, 2016 January from Atari, cat lingerie underwear appeared ridiculous that. Immediately it is becoming prevalent among the painter who.

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