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Xbox One (Tag name: XboxOne) is a video game console developed and produced by Microsoft.


Release in North America, Europe regions on November 22, 2013, it is the 3rd Xbox video game console. It is part of 8th generation consoles. It is released in Japan on September 2014.

Unlike its predecessor Xbox 360, the Xbox One move back to the X86 architecture that is used in the very first Xbox. It featuring a APU co-developed by Microsoft and AMD.

Microsoft has faced heavy criticism during the console's unveil because of the console's always-on DRM policies and online restrictions. Microsoft later dropped these restrictions and made the Xbox One region-free prior to releasing the console.

As of April 17, 2014, a total of 4 million units of Xbox One have been shipped.

Unfortunaterly, as with its predecessor, the Xbox One is not very popular in Japan.


  • The APU contains a 8-core low-power 'Jaguar'-based X86-64 processor and a Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture GPU with 12 compute units (64 cores per CUs). It also contains a 32 MB of ESRAM.
  • Its system software is consists of three OS's: a hypervisor OS, the Xbox OS which runs games, and a Windows-based OS which runs apps.
  • It has 8 GB of DDR3 system memory.
  • It has a read-only Blu-Ray Disc drive, which can also do Blu-Ray Disc video playback.
  • Like the PlayStation 4, it lacks analog video/audio output port, as it only has HDMI ports on it (one input and one output).
  • It has a 500 GB HDD (which is not replaceable, unlike Sony's consoles).
  • It supports Ethernet and WiFi internet connectivity.
  • It has three USB 3.0 ports for controllers and accessories and one Kinect port for the Kinect motion camera.
  • The Kinect for Xbox One includes a 1080p, wide-angle time-of-flight camera and has improved accuracy. Microsoft introduced a retail version of Xbox One without the Kinect on June 9, 2014.


According to the creators of the XBox One, it was named so because it is number one in power and is the one thing you can have plugged into a TV. However, due to an unfortunate photo of the announcement event in which the speaker blocked the "ox " in the logo, it received the nickname "XBone." Critics often use this name pejoratively.

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