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Yggdra in Chains

"Yggdra in Chains" is the title of the fourth chapter of the game "Yggdra Union".

Milanor mobilizes the Royal Army to save Yggdra, who chased after the heavily injured Gulcasa alone and fell into the Imperial Army's trap. Traveling through the former royal territory of Karona and the Marduk Woods, he arrives at last in Lost Aries, his birthplace.

While chasing after Yggdra, the Royal Army settles their accounts with Dragon General Leon and gains a new ally. But in the end, will Milanor and the others be able to stop the mysterious ritual Gulcasa is carrying out...?

Includes 10~11 maps.

BF19Karona Outskirts
BF20The Tower
BF21Amatorium Square
BF22Castle Karona
BF23Southwest Marduk
BF23.5Resistance Camp
BF24Northeast Marduk
BF25Valley of Lament
BF26Land of Ruin
BF27Gate of Atonement
BF28Galleon Prison

Counting all the optional characters (two in the GBA version, three in the PSP version), there are four potential party members to recruit in this chapter.

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Yggdra Union

List of Chapters

Chapter 1The Fugitive Bearing Hope
Chapter 2Lost Days
Chapter 3Paltina Blitzkrieg
Chapter 4Yggdra in Chains
Chapter 5Truth and Sin, Light and Shadows
Chapter 6Gran Centurio
Chapter 7To the Land of the Sleeping Dragon
Chapter 8Bronquia Showdown
Chapter 9Battle on the Requiem

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