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You Meddlers

"You Meddlers" is the catchphrase of the biggest meddler in "Yggdra Union".

A quote that Nessiah says often while attacking or counterattacking.

It's not a very fitting line for a manipulative character like him in various ways, and so as with Yggdra's line "Come Near Me And I'll Kill You", this phrase became a joke between players.

In fact, there was a bug in the GBA version of "Yggdra Union" that sometimes caused the game to freeze and save data to erase when Nessiah used his personal Skill "Reincarnation". Given that his manipulative powers could even break the fourth wall, Nessiah is clearly not in the position to be complaining about anyone else's meddling.

However, given the amount of times that this catchphrase comes up in route C of "Blaze Union", it could be thought that these words are a self-defense mechanism of sorts which Nessiah uses to protect himself and deny those who get in his way.

Language Notes

The exact phrase that Nessiah uses, 困った人達だ (komatta hitotachi da), literally expresses that the subjects of the sentence are "troubled" or "troublesome". Nessiah generally says the phrase with the connotation of "You people are a problem/are getting in my way!", but the verb "komaru" can also express the state of being mentally or emotionally troubled.

Because of this, some fans will take the joke even further, saying that not only does Nessiah not have the right to call other people "komatta" (meddlesome) because he himself is "komatteiru" (meddlesome), he's also pretty darn "komatteiru" (emotionally troubled).

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