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Yukari Yakumo

"Yukari Yakumo"(八雲=Yakumo 紫=Yukari) is a character from "Touhou Project", and her first appearance was in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasm Boss.

Gensokyo takes everything in, and that is a cruel story


Character TitlesMastermind behind the Spiriting Away(You)・Miss relative troubled(Yokai Score Attack)
Yokai of Boundaries(Ei, Gu, Chi)・Yokai that lurks in the boundary(Ei, Bou)
Border of Phantasm(Sui, Hi)・Phantasmal Foxes' Wedding(Hi)・Yokai Who Comes and Goes As She Pleases(Ibara)
Gatekeeper of Gensokyo (Suzu)・Elusive and Two-Faced Yokai(Hyou)
AbilityAbility to manipulate boundaries
Degree of Danger unclear
Degree of Friendliness ordinary
Main placed for activities anywhere
AppearanceYouyoumu Ph Boss・Suimusou Playable Character, Stage in Border Line, Boss・Eiyashou Playable Character
Bunkachou LEVEL EX・Hisouten Playable Character・Chireiden Supporter for Reimu・Hisoutensoku Playable Character
Impossible Spell Card Final Day・Hyouibana Playable Character・NightmareNightmare Tuesday Boss
Music ThemeNecrofantasia(You)・Night Falls ~ Evening Star(Sui, HiHyou)
Necrofantasia ~ Necrofantasia(Hyou)※2

※1 However, the evaluations of degree of danger and friendliness are only opinions from another character, Hieda no Akyuu.
※2 Additionally, “image of purple “ was also added in the image of the song “Lolita Lolita” (San). Although it is a song for Sangetsusei, ZUN pointed out that there was unexpected no place for Sangetsusei.

Yukari Yakumo is the oldest yokai in Gensokyo, who is powerful and capable of manipulating the boundaries of Gensokyo. She is called “the wise woman” as well, and followed by her Shikigami, Ran Yakumo

In Touhou, sometimes people also refer to Yukari as “Yokai of Gap”, but basically there is no specific name for her species.


In Gensokyo, Yukari was considered as a senior Yokai, who is basically not trust-worthy as she is somehow suspicious and unpredictable.

Her dangerous ability is ominous, and her sinister smile is also creepy.

Yukari is someone who makes you want to stay away and avoid meeting her as much as possible, even among the yokais in Gensokyo. However, she is actually unexpectedly open to conversation and willing to tell when asked. But the authenticity is hard to tell and thus she is unreliable, expectedly. Yukari also has a cool head, yet still, makes people want to stay away from her.

She lives in a mansion in Gensokyo, which is located in the Utoshira (Northeast, if translated in modern language) of Gensyokyo. However, no one has ever seen the mansion. Therefore, the mansion is said to be in the the Outside World, considering that Yukari has free access to Gensokyo and the boundary that separates the Outside World.

However, Yukari actually loves Gensokyo so much, that “No one has been as sincerely as Yukari, loving and connected with Gensokyo”, in light of the Character Text of Suimusou.

In Hisouten, after causing a troublesome incident , Yukari was so mad at Tenshi Hinanawi, who conducted a reconstruction to combine Hakurei Shrine and the shrine of her own family, that Yukari did not even use her usual tone.

 「Get out of this beautiful yet cruel land !」

Yukari barely attacks human even though she does look like a yokai. Or she might did it outside the Gensokyo according to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, because few people has seen her attacking human, at least inside the Gensokyo.

Moreover, there are 3 works in the name of Yukari, with each of the title , cited as reference at the end of the book「Gensokyo Chronicle」, which also belongs to Perfect Memento in Strict Sense .

Connection with Gensokyo

Yukari is said to be one of “the wise people” who created the current Gensokyo.

Gensokyo was separated from the Outside World by two boundaries, the Great Hakurei Barrier, and the boundary between the illusion and material world.

Both of the barriers are results from Yukari’s proposal, the yokai of boundaries. She is hence related to the origin of Gensokyo.

Also, in light of Chireiden, a contract concerning yokais on and under the ground was bound between Yukari and Oni

Reimu said, “Yukari is occupied with the job” (about the boundaries-management Strange Creators of Outer World)

Yukari was additionally involved with the first and the twice war on moon, as she has a connection with Capital of Moon, which is also a world inside the boundaries, like Gensokyo.

Yukari herself is actually expecting a Gensokyo with innovation instead of a invariable Gensokyo. From this view, she is positive to the connection with the Outside World, conditionally.

Except the cases that would apparently break the rules, such as the invasion and breeding of exotic dandelions, which came into Gensokyo not via “invitation to Gensyokyo”, sometimes Yukari will even allow the irregular connection between the two world, or manage to maintain it, as long as within a an acceptable range.

For instance, the introduction of hobgoblin into Gensokyo, the realization of the Urban Legend, and the way to deal with Sumireko Usami are all good examples(Ibarakasenand Shinpiroku), Sometimes for Gensokyo’s good , she will make use of the human resources and the properties to develop a connection with the Outside World .(For example Zashiki-warashi)

Furthermore, as the ”the wise man” in Gensokyo, Yukari will also convince those who seems to have the capability, to join her side.(Ibarakasen,「Ibarakasen Yukari」as a reference )

Yukari will involve herself with the incident and people concerned, when it is necessary, for Gensokyo, and for all that lives in Gensokyo. For instance, she has developed a personal contact with Kosuzu Motoori(Suzunaan), and ran around looking for solution to the Perfect Possession of Joon Yorigami and Shion Yorigami. Probably this is the Yukari from Suimusou that mentioned before.

Yukari’s attention is not limited to the Gensokyo on the ground, the Netherworld, the world underground, such as Hell (Chireiden, and others) , Heaven (Hisouten, and others), the moon world (Bougetsushou, and others), and the Outside World (Sangetsusei, and others), the dream world (Hyouibana) ,are all where she puts an eye on.

Also, Yukari has some connection or relationship with residents from these worlds (later the “Relationship with other characters” as a refernce). Sometimes she builds new connection with others through the development of the story in the works, like Yuyuko Saigyouji (Youyoumu) and Okina Matara (Tenkuushou), and sometimes her relationship with old acquaintances are reinterpreted in the works. The personal network of Yukari is quiet broad, and sometimes even with deep connection.

As a representative of Gensokyo, Yukari can also be active and positive, such as welcoming visitors and people who have decided to settle down in Gensokyo. She has welcomed many people coming to Gensokyo, for instance, Sanae Kochiya(Hisoutensoku), who moved here from the Outside World , Reisen Udongein Inaba (Hyouibana), who made decision to settle down in Gensokyo, and Sumireko (Hyouibana), who is able to teleport between Gensokyo and the Outside World with help of dreams.

Welcome to Gensokyo 」(Yukari said to each visitor)


Ability to manipulate the boundaries

According to the text of Eiyashou, for the manipulation of boundaries, it is immeasurable how dangerous and powerful this kind of power could be, and it is not possible to handle this power if it is not someone who can endure the huge pressure from the power, or some yokai like Yukari which has changed a little bit.

The specific abilities of boundaries in Touhou Project are as following:

  • To take away the boundary between reality and illusion, and to bring something that has become illusion into the Outside World .
  • To bring it back forcefully when Suika spread it with sparse power
  • To alter the boundary between the day and night , and keep the night.
  • To set a boundary between the Lands of Living and the Netherland, and form the boundary for the ghosts.
  • To make a hole in Great Hakurei Barrier, so that there is no more danger in Gensokyo. (It was so dangerous when Reimu loosened the barrier that Yukari rushed out to scold her)
  • To alter the boundary between the moon in the canopied picture and the phantom moon floating on the lake, and connect it to the sea of moon (exclusive for full moon)
  • To take out someone or something from the Dream World forcefully.
  • To manipulate the boundary of someone’s the Perfect Possession, which is also related to the interference with the Dream World mentioned above.

About the boundaries between the Lands of living and Netherworld, it has been left unrepaired in Hisoutensoku

Moreover, if you clear Youyoumu Ph with Marisa , Yukari might say that there are still 2 more things she could do.

According to the instruction of「Gensokyo Chronicle」in Gumon Shiki, it seems to be a kind of ability to overturn everything completely. There is a boundary in every existence of things, that is, the ability to logically create and destroy. To create new existence logically and to deny an existence logically. There is no way to defense and manage to deal with it, and it is thus considered to be the power that equals to God. If Yukari is going to alter the boundary of Heart, then it will become another new work A plan from another work.

Yukari also manipulate the boundary named Barrier, the water surface, which is the boundary between air and water, and even theHorizon, which is the boundary between the sky and the ground. She can freely manipulate the boundary which can be found in everything, such as eliminating the existence of anything by erasing the boundary that separates it from others.

Although the building of the Great Hakurei Barrier had nothing to do with the overwhelming powerful ability mentioned above. On the other hand, the ability was widely applicated, for instance, for some reason, Yukari took Zashiki-warashi out one after another to the Outside World , and brought a large number of hobgoblin back to Gensokyo to fill the hole.


Gap is a name for the ability which is mainly used when moving, or refers to the hole, which is opened through this ability.

By manipulating the boundaries in the space and making a rip, Yukari is able to connect the remote places, and thus her movement is always hard to mark. The application of the ability is not limited to physical space, it extends to pictures, dreams and stories.

Both ends of the rip are bounded with ribbon, and there is a subspace inside where you can find many eyes, which is an expression of the “swirling desire “ from the Outside World . Also, there are some drifting objects, like the road sign, which are the image of useless things in the Outside World.

In Suimusouand Hisouten, many attack variations out of this Gap can be found, such as dropping gravestones, sticking out signs and giving a rush assault with trains

In addition to dropping out signs and trains in Hyouibana, Yukari also applies this ability with her body, such as skipping Stupa, attacking a remote opponent with the umbrella in her hand, via boundaries, or attacking the enemies by dividing her body into a upper and a lower part.

She also uses this ability in a naughty way, such as playing with Chen or cat, via the boundaries. (Hyouibana, Victory Motion)

Intelligence and Physical Ability

Yukari is extremely intelligent, quite experienced and knowledgeable thanks to her longevity. She is particularly good at math and able to compute instantly how long it will take Northern Dipper to cover a polar star. This computational ability is strong enough to be used to make powerful formulas

According to Gensokyo Chronicle, in terms of physical abilities, Yukari is like a yokai, bus as for physical behaviors, she is different form humans. Yukari claimed, “it does not work for me, I have no weakness”. There are lots of mysteries about her body, for example, in Kourindo, Yukari stopped the mallet which Rinnosuke swung with his best to break the game machine, yet Yukari seemed like usual without any scratches, which impressed Rinnosuke as ‘’strange reaction as if I had hit a fluffy Futon’’. Additionally, in Hisoutensoku, Meiling, who is good at Kongfu, also thinks her reaction weird.

Moreover, Yukari has also mysterious abilities, for instance, even if the Lunar Child has muted the sounds around, Yukari can still hear it (a voice that can be heard with heart).

In light of Gensokyo Chronicle, Yukari seems to have a fast speed. But in the game, she really is a slow one in terms of the movement. However, the instantaneous movement with the Gap is something different.


紫様立ち絵 オプション&表情差分
八雲紫立ち絵Ver.茨歌仙 1/2【表情差分】

These designs are used in Perfect Cherry Blossom (upper left), in Imperishable Night] (upper right), in [[Curiosities of Lotus Asia (lower left), and in Wild and Horned Hermit (lower right)

Yukari’s appearance is no different from a human girl.

She has long blonde hair, and some of hair tip is tied with a ribbon

Her eyes could be purple or gold depending on the works

In the settings or the works, Yukari looks like a little girl even from the view of others (Rinnosuke Morichika), her hand is “a hand of a skinny girl”, according to the subjective evaluation of Rinnosuke

This kind of non-human creature, becomes immortal at expense of the possibility to grow up

In turn, because they do not grow up, then they are able to be alive forever.
  (Eiyashou Manual)

In Hyouibana, although Yukari wears a n apron with monk-style and ruffle dress, which are similar to the clothes in the illustration in upper right, there will be some special designs depending on the works, even for the monk-style, such as the sleeve, which is a unique design only with color of black and white.

In Suzunaan, Yukari showed up even with Yukata, and the scene at her bed time can be also found in the same work.

(Suzunaan Yukari as a reference )


Characters in Touhou project are designed with a standard height, that is, they are as tall as a girl in her early 10s.

( From Zun’s reply to inquiry emails)

Among them, Yukari can fall into the “tall group”, and so do Hong Meiling and Sakuya Izayoi

Furthermore, Ran Yakumo is relatively tall, and Yukari is unexpectedly taller


Please refer to the “3D picture” and ED picture in each game

Zun has not drawn 3D picture for Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, as a result, Yukari has a slightly bigger bust there.

Costumes with changes

According to「Gensokyo Chronicle, Yukari is wearing clothes from her time. Her costumes include fluffy dress, Chinese-style clothes with patterns like Taiji and Bagua and so on. She also wears ZUN Hat wrapped by ribbon. As for accessories, Yukari carries sun umbrella and fan, sometimes even with white gloves going with her dress.

Besides costumes, there are also various designs for her hair style. For instance, in Youyoumu, Yukari let her long hair down and get the hair tip tied with ribbon, and in Suimusou, she appeared with a ponytail tied up on her head. Also, in Suzunaan and Hyouibana , Yukari showed up in an outfit with mixed design, such as the costume in Chinese-style, from Suimusou, and the loose hairstyle from Youyoumu

Additional Information

The costume in Chinese-style from Suimusou is a design from Mr. Zun. He was pretty satisfied with the design, that he also changed Yukari’s costumes in Eiyashou, which was in the middle of production at the same time, into the Chinese-style.

For a long time, there were only the original illustrations of Suika released to fans. Another day, the original illustrations of Yukari in Chinese-style were also shown in a aired TV-program.

In the 3D picture, there are words written by Mr. Zun

  • The battle mode is a little bit bossy
  • The reason why Ran is in Chinese-style is because Yukari is in Chinese-style
  • The hair is long but will be fixed in the hat during the battle.
  • She might be a little bit too complicated  

Related Works


NumberNameGeneral Information
7Perfect Cherry Blossom Stage of Phantasm, Boss
7.5Immaterial and Missing PowerPlayable Character, Stage of Border Line, Boss (except Suika Story Mode)
8Imperishable NightPlayable Character Illusionary Barrier Team)(Barrier Team)
9.5Shoot the BulletLv. Ex Target
10.5Scarlet Weather RhapsodyPlayable Character, Story Mode Youmu(STAGE 4), Remilia(FINAL STAGE), Reisen(STAGE 3), Iku(STAGE 5)
11Subterranean AnimismReimu Hakurei Yokai Supporter
12.3Touhou HisoutensokuPlayable Character (No Story Mode, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody is available after the installation)
14.3Impossible Spell CardFinal Day Boss
15.5Antinomy of Common FlowersPlayable Character (Story Slave: Reimu), Hakurei Shrine Boss (story of Reimu and Kasen) (story of Reimu and Kasen), Sun Stage・The Curtain Shall Rise Soon Boss (Story of multiple characters), Shrine During Incident (Story of Sumireko and Doremy ) Boss
16.5Secret NightmareNightmare Tuesday Boss


Name of BooksGeneral Information
Seasonal Dream VisionA Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years (A novel in first person by Yukari, a story before「Phantasmagoria of Flower View」Ex Stage) Fan Fiction from toranoana
Curiosities of Lotus AsiaChapter 11 Ultra-Violet Light, Chapter 12 The Deities’ Tool, Chapter 14 Colorless Sakura, and appearance in other chapters with other topics
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense Memorizable Gensokyo (Comic REX, 2007.12, no paper work)
Touhou Bougetsushou Comic, novels (Chapter 5, Final Chapter)
Touhou Sangetsusei
Volume 1Fairy of the Moon, a novel collected into the Independent Work
Volume 2Chapter 23 – 25 Lolita Lolita, Complete Version (collected in Part 3), appearance in recollection in Chapter 7 Phantom of the Spring, part 1(collected in Part 1)
Volume 3Chapter 10 The end of the forgotten (collected in Part 2)
Wild and Horned HermitChapter 14 adorable Yokai to Human, Chapter 15 visible sacred body of the kami(included in Part 3), Chapter 33 West Devil spreading around feet, chapter 35 The way Ibarakasen believes in (included in Part7)

Forbidden Scrollery Chapter 43 One Hundred Tales of Yokai and Human Part 2 (included in Part6), Chapter 48・Chapter 49, Kosuzu Motoori’s Confusion, Complete version, Chapter 50・Chapter 5, Reimu Hakurei’s Misjudge Complete version, Chapter 52・Final Chapte, Yakumo’s Peace, Complete version (included in Part7)
Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia Appearance in interviews and columns in Aya's Periodical News Report

Spell Cards

Perfect Cherry Blossom

Name of Spell CardsENHLEXPhComments
Barrier "Curse of Dreams and Reality"
Barrier “Balance of Motion and Stillness”
Barrier “Mesh of Light and Darkness”
Evil Spirits "Dreamland of Straight and Curve"
Evil Spirits "Yukari Yakumo's Spiriting Away"
Evil Spirits “Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple”
Sinister Spirits “Double Black Death Butterfly”
Shikigami “Ran Yakumo”
“Boundary of Humans and Yokai”
Barrier “Boundary of Life and Death”
Yukari’s Arcanum “Danmaku Barrier”

Immaterial and Missing Power

First Card

Name of Spell CardsComments
Border Sign “Quadruple Barrier”
Shikigami “Ran Yakumo”
Border Sign “Boundary of 2D and 3D”

Second Card

Name of Spell CardsComments
Barrier “Charming Quadruple Barrier”
Shikigami “Ran Yakumo +”
Barrier “Objective Barrier”

Immaterial and Missing Power Story Mode

Name of Spell CardsComments
First Card “Quadruple Barrier”
Second Card “Manji-Parasol of Yakumo”
Third Card “Ran Yakumo”
Outer Force “Infinite Superspeed Flying Object”
Fantasy “Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Kind”

Imperishable Night

Name of Spell CardsComments
Border Sign “Quadruple Barrier” Spell Cards for Playable Character
Boundary “Quadruple Barrier of the Imperishable Night”Last Spell
“Profound Danmaku Barrier -Phantasm, Foam and Shadow-”Last Word

Shoot the Bullet

Name of Spell CardsStageComments
Border Sign “Boundary of Form and Emptiness”LEVEL EX SCENE3
Border Sign “Boundary of Wave and Particle” LEVEL EX SCENE4

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody


Name of Spell CardscostComments
Border Sign “Boundary of 2D and 3D”cost1
Shikigami “Chen”cost1
Aerial Bait “Addictive Bait”cost2
Border Sign “Quadruple Barrier”cost3
Shikigami “Ran Yakumo”cost3
Barrier “Objective Barrier”cost3
Fantasy Nest “Flying Noctilucae’s Nest”cost3
Barrier “Charming Quadruple Barrier”cost4
Abandoned Line “Aimless Journey to the Abandoned Station”cost5


Name of Spell CardsComments
Photon “Doppler Effect”
Splitter “Thing That Splits All Into Two”
Fantasy Nest “Flying Noctilucae’s Nest”
Aerial Bait “Hyperactive High Speed Flying Object”
“Yakumo’s Nest”

Touhou Hisoutensoku

Name of Spell CardscostComments
Border Sign “Boundary of 2D and 3D”cost1
Shikigami “Chen”cost1
Aerial Bait “Addictive Bait”cost2
Border Sign “Quadruple Barrier”cost3
Shikigami “Ran Yakumo”cost3
Barrier “Objective Barrier”cost3
Fantasy Nest “Flying Noctilucae’s Nest”cost3
Barrier “Charming Quadruple Barrier”cost4
Magic Eye “Laplace’s Demon”cost4
Abandoned Line “Aimless Journey to the Abandoned Station”cost5

Impossible Spell Card

Name of Spell CardsComments
”Impossible Danmaku Barrier”
"Casebook of Luck, Resilience and Perseverance"

Antinomy of Common Flowers

Name of Spell CardscostComments
“Unmanned Abandoned Railroad Car Bomb”1500
Shikigami "Ran Yakumo & Chen"1000
Boundary “Overflowing Flotsam”800
*Lend Me Those Beautiful Legs!*Kai Last Word
”Spirit Medium’s Melancholy”EXCLUSIVE FOR CPU, word ”Master” above words ”Spirit Medium”
”Perfect Possession and Fantasy Seal”EXCLUSIVE FOR CPU, for Perfect Possession with Reimu as a pair
"Boundary of Spirit Medium and Divine Spirit" EXCLUSIVE FOR CPU, word ”Master” above words ”Spirit Medium”, and word ”Slave” above words ” Divine Spirit”

Violet Detector

Name of Spell CardsComments
”Secret God Barrier” Co-worker with Matara Okina
”Shoot the Danmaku Barrier!” Co-worker with Marisa Kirisame
”Unauthorized Danmaku Photography is Strictly Prohibited”Co-worker with Reimu Hakurei
Paper Sign “Barrier-Enclosed Zener Card Shuriken” Co-worker with Sumireko Usami

Relationship with other characters

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu made a team with Yukari in Eiyashou, and Chireiden (as a support Yokai)

Basically, Yukari will be suspicious of anyone, she might be willing to work only with Reimu. Yukari was also trusted by Remi in Chireiden. Moreover, in light of Kourindo and Sangetsusei, Yukari has scolded, observed and punished Reimu when she took action without thinking about Gensokyo.

Yukari is designed initially to match Reimu, including her ability, personality that are set in the comparison with Reimu. According to Eiyashou, in first place, it was beforehand decided that Yukari would appear in Koumakyou Youyoumu and Eiyashou, and particularly in Eiyashou, she would be a part of a team consisting of human and yokai, as playable character. However, at that time, it was too abrupt to make a new character and Reimu into a team, even as playable character, As a result, Yukari was allowed to appear in works before Youyoumu, as Phantasm Stage Boss

After that, Yukari was given abilities, along with Reimu, and resembles Reimu in the carefree personality.

Yukari was designed in a way to match Reimu, that is the reason why she is suspicious

Yukari also trained Reimu and made her grow. Trained by Yokari, Reimu has mastered the real Spirit Possession, and she made effort to get used to the Perfect Possession via slave side, which she was not good at (Hyouibana), Yokari was the final partner for Reimu in Hyouibana

On the other hand, we can also see a comparison-relationship, like front and back, between Youkari and Reimu, from various works. Yukari made Reimu discipline herself, collect the apparent information and then carry out the good plan behind the scenes (Ibarakasen). At the same time, Yukari also figured out the Reimu’s pattern so far, made a better plan and acted secretly to help Reimu. (Suzunaan)

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yuyuko is an old acquaintance of Yukari, and Yukari knew about the story before her death and how she became a ghost, she is also aware of the fact that Yuyuko’s body was used to seal Saigyou Ayakashi. Yuyuko does not remember anything happened before her death, but according to Bougetsushou, She went to the moon together with Yukari, 1000 years after her death. It seems like that their relationship is not influenced by Yuyuko’s “death-then-ghost” experience.

Suika Ibuki

It is unclear how long have Yukari and Ibuki been friends, but it seems like that they know each other long before. On the other hand they could be simply frank and straightforward to each other, on the other hand, based on Hisouten, Bougetsushou, and Hisoutensoku, they would also help each other when asked for a favor.

Ran Yakumo

Ran is a Beast yokai who obeys Yukari. Since Yukari barely do things on her own, she often leaves the chores to Ran. Although Yukari is aware that , as Beast yokai, Ran should only be ordered, she still wants Ran to be a Beast yokai more than merely being ordered. According to Bougetsushou, Ran knew about the war on moon before 1000 years. She might meet Yukari after Yuyuko did

Hieda no Akyuu

In light of「Gensokyo Chronicle」, Akyuu seems to be related to Child of Miare. Yukari went to visit the 9th generation of Akyuu, to update the latest content of Gensokyo Chronicle she wrote. That was the first time she met Akyuu personally. Also, Akyuu called her「Lord Yukari」and「”the wise woman” Lord Yukari」

 The history of Gensokyo shall be with me, my memories must follow the truth.
  Allow me to revive Gensokyo Chronicle furthermore

Rinnosuke Morichika

According to Kourindo, Rinnosuke has helped Yukari when she was about to be thrown out to the Outside World , as Reimu loosened the Boundaries. As a result, Yukari started to provide him with the fuel for the stove regularly. And of course, it was not free, Yukari would charge Kourindo for that monthly. Also, Yukari talked with Rinnosuke about the use of the tool from the Outside World (Hookah), as well as the war on moon before 1000 years. Furthermore, she will watch over if someone takes away the dangerous outside world tools from Kourindo.

Tenshi Hinanawi

As mentioned before, in Hisouten, Yukari was outraged by Tenshi when she was walking around in Hakurei Shrine, and Tenshi’s plan was also ruined by Yukari. Both of them cannot let it go, and another confrontation will take place in Hyouibana. While Tenshi was delightful with the chance to challenge Yukari, yet Yukari had to help dealing with the situation where the time limit and the training for Reimu are both approaching. Yukari shows Tenshi her disgust consistently, which is rare as she is always casual to others even in Hyouibana, According to Hisouten, for Tenshi, they met each other at a bad timing: during the opening event of the new Shrine, and in front of a lots of people. And in light of Hyouibana, for Yukari, they met each other at a bad timing again: just before the battle with the mastermind of the incident. After that, the unusual story between them continues to develop.

Remilia Scarlet

In light of Bougetsushou, Yukari made Remilia as a decoy against the Capital of Moon, after she saw through Remilia. About the plan to head to the moon with home-made rocket, Remillia once whispered, “The resources in Gensokyo is enough to make it , even without the magic form the Outside World ”. On the other hand, Remilia and others are willing to spend time and effort for the plan and the implement to the real moon, or they are actually enjoying it. On the other hand, Yukari thinks “That vampire has the heart that I have already forgotten”, compared with the ability with the people from the Outside World, Ran, and herself.

As the story developed, Yukari visited the swimming pool of the library in The Scarlet Devil Mansion with Ran and Yuyuko, and had great time with Remilia at the banquet.

Watatsuki no Shimai( Watatsuki no ToyohimeWatatsuki no Yorihime)

In Bougetsuchou, Yukari and Watatsuki no Shimai became hostile to each other at the time of the Twice War on Moon, as Watatsuki no Shimai wanted to be the leader of the Moon Capital while Yukari tried to invade the Moon Capital from Gensokyo.

Due the confrontation between Watatsuki no Shimai and Yukari, situation there once became intense.

Kasen Ibaraki( Ibarakasen)

About the Zashiki-warashi, Yukari thinks that it does not matter human or Hermit do not understand the reason to set up Zashiki-warashi in Human Village, as well as the existence of them, she has told Kasen secretly about the meaning of it, though.

Also, Yukari invited Kasen to take a walk together another time, and even waited for her changing the mind after being declined.

Sumireko Usami

In Ibarakasen, as if Yukari had a sense of promotion, she found a way to deal with the incident coming along with the visit of Sumireko, who set out for Gensokyo after Shinpiroku. According to what Yukari said to Kasen, She will not decline the visit of Sumireko, actually she will make arrangements instead to ensure things go well. We may say, that the comparison between Yukari and Sumireko, is the comparison between a Yokai, who dreams a lot, and a human, who came to Gensokyo through dreams, which could also be seen as a complicated situation. Note that in Antinomy of Common Flowers, Yukari was finally showed up in the fight, as Playable Character in the same work.

Also, Yukari dragged Sumireko out of the Dream World, who was trapped there, in the same work. But the Sumireko in the Dream World was pretty furious at that time, that Yukari even tried to get rid of her. Moreover, when asked about Sumireko by Aya’s Periodical News Report, Yukari responded that someone like Sumireko, a school girl, is truly rare in Gensokyo. (Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia). But in fact, Yukari got everything prepared to ensure the visit of Sumireko goes well. (Ibarakasen)

Kosuzu Motoori

Yukari met Kosuzu at the Event of Hundred Stories for the first time, which was planned by Kosuzu and hold in Hakurei Shrine. After that, Yukari visited Suzunaan in Human Village, and talked with Kosuzu personally. For Kosuzu, this reunion with Yukari would change her future drastically. The comparison between Kosuzu, the main protagonist in Suzunaan, and Yukari, who appeared in the title through the same work, and the comparison between the development of Kosuzu’s story from the first chapter, and the existence of Yukari, who Kosuzu approached in the same work, could be something representative for the relationship between “Human and Yokai” in Touhou Project.

Additionally, in 「A Beautiful Flower Blooming Violet Every Sixty Years」, Seasonal Dream Vision, a relationship with Eiki Shiki・Yamaxanadu was also implied. Moreover, in Chireiden, Patchouli once consulted Yukari, and Yukari also provided Alice with doll in the same work.

Informal Popularity Vote

Character Necrofantasia Night Falls
2nd VoteNr.14Nr.5-
3rd VoteNr.11Nr.4-
4th VoteNr. 6Nr.4Nr.17
5th VoteNr. 7Nr.3Nr. 51
6th VoteNr. 6Nr.4Nr. 72
7th VoteNr.12Nr.6Nr.82
8th VoteNr.14Nr.7Nr.82
9th VoteNr.15Nr.7Nr.86


2nd Vote

In the Barrage Department, Yukari's Arcanum "Danmaku Barrier" was the 1st .

3rd Vote
In the Spell Card Department, Yukari's Arcanum "Danmaku Barrier was the 2nd , and “Deep Danmaku Barrier -Transient Dreams-“ was the 5th .

Additionally, Yukari one of few character who got voted by Mr. Zun in the Vote of Popularity.

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