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An French doujinshi circle.

The origins of YunokiRoom traces back in 2013. Illustrations featuring its mascot Yunoki Itosugi has been circulating since 2018. Most of YunokiRoom as an channel's content contains a picture-story show video starring standing images on YouTube, rarely on Niconico and Pandora TV.

Main Characters

  • Yunoki Itosugi: An butterfly that transforms to an human.
  • Kotoha: An light-purple haired girl wearing Chinese outfit.
  • Rumu: An fairy that accompanies Yunoki and Kotoha in their adventures.
  • Mapuru Cadena: Lilith Cadena's younger sister, and also an half-imp and half-succubus.
  • Chua Nishikawa: An Chinese-Korean student who can draw.
  • Naoyuki Kawasaki: Naoko and Yukino Kawasaki's older brother.
  • Myu Hoshizaki: An chuunibyou high school student.
  • Chihaya: Chirun0z Playz' current leader since December 2019.
  • Chiyu Hoshigaya: The doujin circle's VTuber in preparation.

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