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huke (pronounced fuke; Japanese : ふけ) is an illustrator and character designer, most popular for creating and starting up the franchise Black★Rock Shooter. He's also the original character designer for Steins;Gate.


huke (born 20 April 1981) is a Japanese illustrator. After graduating from animation college, he entered game company and was involved in character designs for a while. Soon after his resignation, he went freelance and started drawing illustrations of his own. After being involved in drawing many Metal Gear Solid illustrations, he then opened his own personal blog (found here) as well as registering an account at pixiv.

On December 2007, he submitted an illustration of his own character, Black★Rock Shooter. His illustration then inspired Ryo to compose a song of the same name, which is a song dedicated to the said character itself, and the rest is history...

Aside from his Black★Rock Shooter design, he's also involved in the character design for Steins;Gate, which got very popular and now the anime adaption is currently airing on TV.

His pixiv profile can be found here.

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