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Lucrecia Ishterasha is the original character of SWORDWALTZ (ソードワルツ) [user/8179247]

Lucrecia is a swordmagic user who exist in a Other World called "Azmanema"

Name Lucrecia Ishterasha
Nick Name Luc-chan, Lucrecia
Age 19 years old
CV ????
Birthday May 12
Height 167 cm
Weight 45 kg
Weapon of Choice Rappier Sword
Skill (GBF style)
  • Stark Slash = 300%-400% Elemental DMG -
  • Multiplizieren = can enchance anything by multiply the original function "Litch Card" (caps at 5 stacks)
  • Steigern = All allies gain double Attack. Consume 4 "Litch Card"
Support Skill
  • Support 1 = Gain 2 "Licht Card" every turn. (Max : 10)
  • Support 2 = Boost to dodge rate when Multiplizieren is active.
Special skill Big Light damage to one enemy. Consumes 5 Litch Card and gain Bonus Light DMG to normal attacks for 3 turns


She has Yellow-Gold eyes with white pupil, Long Darker Blue Hair. Wearing purple crystal earrings and Black Chocker with Big yellow Crystall on her neck. She's always wearing Rim-less Glasses. She's Commonly wearing an Outfit with color pallete Purple, White, and Black, and mostly wearing Stocking or Pantyhose.

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