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Madtaro(Japanese name: 狂気太郎,Kyouki Tarou)is a novelist in japan.

Madtaro(狂気太郎) is a Japanese novelist. Another pen name is "灰崎抗,Haisaki Koh".
He released a novels on webpage since 1998, and several digital books since 2009.


  • "ずれ"(Slippage)
  • "殺人鬼探偵"(Mad Killer Detective)
  • "陰を往く人"(In The Shade)
  • "想師"(The Vision Master)
  • "殺戮の地平(或いは希望への破滅)"(Survive, Or Destroy; alias Ruin To Hope)
  • "デビル・ボード"(Devil Board)
  • "実験地区13"(District XIII)

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His works mainly genre is splatter,horror,and dark fantasy.
Those are composed a descriptions that insanity and cruelty to behind in the depth of the human,and fierce ghastly battle scene.
Also, those frequency themes is fear the doubt to world existence.

While those may appear to be insanity works, but is uprightnesses entertainments.

Madtaro respect Stephen King; He wrote King's name list of "the nourishment".
He commented for The Shining "That was the first and last time to be afraid of novel.(小説で怖かったのはこれが最初で最後だった。)"

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Translation a pieces of works to Traditional Chinese 繁體中文.(from volunteer)

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