pixiv Encyclopedia

Terms of Use

Article 1. Introduction

The following Terms of Use (hereinafter "the terms") will set forth the following conditions for your usage of pixiv Encyclopedia (hereinafter "this service") provided by the pixiv Encyclopedia Committee (hereinafter "the management").

Article 2. Extent of Terms

1.The extent of the terms of use and its usage are available to the management only.
2.This service is handled independently from the main site, by the management who are also the staff members of pixiv (http://www.pixiv.net) and its other relevant services. Hence this terms of use is only exclusive to this site and won't be applied to other services.

Article 3. Modifications

1. We reserve the right to revise and update the terms of use at any time whenever necessary.
2. Changes on the terms shall be effective when updated on this site unless mentioned otherwise.
3. User's perpetual usage of this service after any changes to the terms will mean the user accepts all the changes made.

Article 4. Management of Account Information

1. Users will be using their own registered pixiv account to log in, and upon logging in users will be able to use features available for the registered users (hereinafter "login feature").
2. All details regarding the login feature will be presented in this service, and the management may revise or change without any announcements beforehand.
3. All users are required to agree to the contents of the "pixiv Terms of Use" upon registering a new account, which is shown separately from this terms of use.
4. Upon using this service's login feature, the users are to agree with each issue of the account information (hereinafter "the information") posted in and used by pixiv, along with the information managed, and shared between the management and pixiv Inc.
(1) Attributed information which is created automatically by the account management system
(2) User ID (Random numbers assigned to users in order to identify each individual users)
(3) Account creation date
(4) User Information
(5) Information entered by the users individually.
(6) Nickname (Handle name)
(7) Mail Address
(8) Profile pictures and other misc.information set in user profile
(9) Prefectures and states in address
(10) Sex
(11) Date of birth
5. The following purpose of using shared information management will be published in the issues following each issues.
(1) Purpose of service provided by this service.
(2) Purpose of confirming whether the account registration is effective during the login verification for this service.
(3) Purpose of recording any usage behavior the moment logged in users are to use the service
(4) Purpose of disclosing to third party from the management following the terms.
(5) Purpose of contacting logged in users from the management and pixiv Inc.

Article 5. Privacy Policy

The management will appropriately govern the private information according to the "Privacy Policy".

Article 6. Environment Maintenance

1. Users shall manage their own necessary hardwares and softwares in order to use this service in his or her own expense and responsibility.
2. Users shall take appropriate steps to prevent computer virus, unauthorized access or any information leakage.
3. We have no involvement in such issues and we do not assume any responsibility in the user's environment.

Article 7. About Information Submission and Edit

1.Users may submit various information and text for this service.
2.Users may add, delete, or fix any contents submitted by the management and users specified as third party by the management.
3.Users are to allow editing activities conducted by the management and the defined third party as well as the users of the service for their own submitted contents and edited information.

Article 8. User Responsibility

1.Users are to assume full responsibility for his/her own actions and results caused by using this service.
2.Users are to assume full responsibility for any content submissions and edits that the user posted for this service. We will not be responsible for any of the user posted or edited contents for the service.
3.Users are to solve at their own responsibility and expenses in case of any defamatory behaviour, privacy rights violation, disclosing third party's information without permission or copyright laws violation. We will assume no responsibility for this.

Article 9. Prohibited Acts

The following acts described below are prohibited in this service. we may terminate or suspend their membership, delete part or all image datas from the account or change the user's publishing range in case any terms are violated and required us to take action.
(1) Any infringement or possible infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyright or design rights of the management or a third party.
(2) Unauthorized reprinting of uploaded contents from this site without the creator's permission.
(3) Violation or infringement of any property, privacy or copyright of our company or a third party.
(4) Discrimination or defamation towards our company or third party companies, encouraging unjustified discrimination or damaging third party reputation or credit.
(5) Impersonation.
(6) Acts or implied acts that lead to impersonation or other crimes.
(7) Acts on any data that contain elements of all but not limited to : obscenity, child pornography or child abuse (hereinafter "these data"), which violate the laws, regulation and standards established by the management.
(a) Submit, edit or displaying these data.
(b) Selling medias or mediums that contain these data.
(c) Submitting or displaying advertisements that evokes sharing, displaying or selling medium containing these data.
(8) Glorifying, provoking or encouraging suicide, self-harming or drug abuse.
(9) Posting data which includes the following contents:
(a) Uploaded information that contains defamation.
(b) Uploaded information containing the name, address, work place, telephone number of the author and the editor (Including uploaded information about information on someone else's privacy and bias comparison that locks onto any certain individual.)
(c) Information that is hard to verify, or false information.
(d) Information that we judge inappropriate.
(10) Impersonating an operator.
(11) Obtaining multiple IDs. Except in case no.10 where an individual holds multiple accounts which one of the accounts are verified as an operator will be excluded.
(12) Submitting datas containing spam on commercial advertisements, publicity or inducement (except the ones allowed by us), data containing links of affiliate, endless money chain, chain mails, MLM, read-mails, data aiming to spread harmful computer program such as adult sites, one click fraud sites, virus, or other submitted articles or edits that we judge that leads to inappropriate sites (including linking to the site), or submitted contents and edits that were judged inappropriate.
(13) Use of expressions that discriminates individuality on race, ethnic, gender, age or mindset.
(14) Actions that adds burden on the server over the normal capacity, actions that damages or attempt to damage the service operation or network system of this service and the management.
(15) Inappropriate rewriting, or deleting information stored on our facilities.
(16) Sending or publishing harmful computer programs which contains virus.
(17) Any actions that violate the laws, morality, the terms or other conditions, or those that violated the right of others upon our judgement.
(18) Any other actions considered inappropriate by our company.

Article 10. Service Modification

The management reserves the right to add, change, suspend, and end the service at anytime without any announcements beforehand.

Article 11. Fees

Registration and usage of this service is free of charge.

Article 12. Information Right

By using this service to submit or edit any information, users shall guarantee that their information will not violate the rights of a third party towards the management. In case any user submitted or edited information ended up violating the rights or causing disputes with other users, the user are to solve it on their own responsibility; while at the same time ensuring the management will not get any damage from the disputes.

Article 13. Authorized Use of Information and Others

1. Each and every submitted information and its edits belonged to the users who created the content using the service.
2. Every copyright (including regulated rights of Copyright Law Article 27 and 28) as well as the author's personal rights shall not be applied on users who submit or edit information, and rights shall not be advocated at any manner.
3. The management may use or change user submitted or edited information in order to provide a smoother service or system construction, modification and maintenance, and also within the proper judgement on its motive and range by the management.
4.The management may also omit part of the information or showing names when using any information following the previous point stated above.
5.For user generated articles, written text in the comment field that are written, submitted and edited by other users. The user may publish them according to the scope stated below. However, the management are not limited by the following points.
(1) Using other information that constructed this service.
(2) To show its purpose when the users inevitably change any information or wish to excerpt a part or all of the information for personal use.
(3) For non-commercial use.
(4) For usage that are available only for use in the web and not any other media.
(5) Others. As long as such usage follow the rules defined properly.

Article 14.  Disclaimer

1.The management is not concerned with the communication among users. In case any dispute occurs, the users must solve at users' responsibility and we are not responsible in any way.
2. The management may revise, interrupt or terminate the service without prior notice at any time when deemed necessary. The management will assume no responsibility on any damages whatsoever resulted from the changes of this service. Moreover, the same applies to slowdowns or failures because of server overload or any other unexpected factors.
3. The management are under no obligation to manage or store any information submissions or edits posted by a user.
4. The management assume no responsibility over the legality and accuracy of information submissions or edits posted by a user. The management also take no responsibility on suitability of the initial by laws of corporation or organization the user belongs to.
5.The management shall browse, store or disclose the contents of the submitted or edited information for the following cases. The management assume no responsibility for any damages resulting from this action.
(1) In case the management sending an email seeking approval of browsing, storing or disclosing to the user who submits or edits information for this service, or one of the following situations applied :
(a) The user agreed to the management's request to browse.
(b) The response of the user does not arrive to the management's mail server within 7 days after sending the mail seeking for the approval to browse, store or disclose, except for unstoppable emergency cases that caused by some unforeseen reasons.
(c) To ascertain and solve any technical problems of this service.
(d) When receiving any official statements from the court, police or public organizations based on the laws.
(e) When we judge the need to confirm whether the information contains any violation or issues that may have violated the terms or other conditions.
(f) When we found any imminent danger to someone's life, physical health or property.
(g) When there are needs to operate other services appropriately.
6. The management reserves the right to terminate or suspend any membership, delete all or part of the information or change the published limitation of the user shall the management judged that there are enough reasons to support the fact that the user violated or may have violated the terms or other conditions. The management assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from this action.

Article 15. Deletion Rights

The management may take measures, such as deleting or revising the range of publication on part or all related information regardless of the legality and accuracy of the information provided in these following cases:
(1) The management judged that the edited information posted contains obscenity.
(2) Public organizations or professionals (national, local public organizations, reliability confirmed groups stated in the guideline of Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders, internet hotline or lawyers) pointed out that the submitted or edited information is illegal, offensive to public order and morals or violates the right of a third party.
(3) A third party claims the copyright of the information.
(4) The management judged that the submitted or edited information violates the copyright of a third party.

Article 16. Validity of the Terms and Other Conditions

1.Even if a part of the terms or other conditions is counted as invalid based on the laws, the terms or other terms and condition will remain valid.
2.Even if a part of the terms is labelled invalid or canceled due to the relationship with a certain user, the terms will remain valid with other users.

Article 17. Measures on Prohibited Act

1. We may take the following measures upon the user when the user is admitted to violating the terms or other conditions, or situations where we deem necessary to judge :
(1) Request to delete or revise the information.
(2) Delete part or all of the information, change the range of publication or disable browsing.
2. The user shall have no objection to our measures.

Article 18. Applicable Law to Prohibited Act

1.The laws of Japan shall be applied to the basis of the terms.
2.Users hereby irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court for any necessary lawsuits between the users and the management company.

Additional Clause

This agreement will be effective starting June 30, 2011 onwards.
This agreement will be applied to every users' actions even if it is not endorsed beforehand.