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アーサー・カークランド is one of the main characters for the anime and manga series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is is part of the Allied Forces, representing both the United Kingdom and England.

Please refer to Arthur Kirkland.

Appeared Works

Hetalia (Axis Powers Hetalia)

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Other information

A personified character of United Kingdom of Great Britain (England).

Voice actor(Character voice)

Japanese ver.>> Noriaki Sugiyama
English ver.>> Scott Freeman



Related tags

Japanese ver.>> アーサー・カークランド
Little ver.>> tibirisu
Related Characters>>
America Spain France Japan Sealand Hongkong Seychelles
Terms for Grouping This Character>>
Tasteless(with America)
親馬鹿コンビ(with Spain)
Brothers Kirkland(with Sealand)
ツンデ連邦(with Seychelles)
Island-Nation Alliance(with Japan)
ナイスドーヴァー(with France)
不憫三兄弟(with Denmark and Prussia)
不憫ズ(with Prussia)

Appeared Work
Hetalia ヘタリア

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