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Candeloro is a witch that only appears in Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable.



Candeloro was recently announced to be the witch form of Mami Tomoe, and she will appear in a what-if scenario made exclusively for the game itself.

Witch Design by Gekidan InuCurry.


According to the most recently posted screenshots, her costume looks about the same as her Puella Magi form except longer with a cat icon, wearing yellow stripped stockings and a yellow skirt turned upside down shaped hat. Her hands also seemed to have changed into two extremely long ribbons. Appears to be more humanoid compared to other witches.


Apparently, the very first Candeloro submitted illustration in pixiv is apparently a personification of the witch itself. Which goes without saying, illustrations related to the personification of the mascot itself has a higher ratio than the real thing.

マミさんキャンデロロフォーム (candeloro form)

Candeloro in pixiv

As soon as the announcement is released, the submission ratio for both Mami Tomoe and Witches has since increased, apparently as the result of simultaneous submissions from both sides of fans.

Since both Canderolo and Charlotte share the same boundary motif, it won't be surprising to see both of them getting paired together in future illustrations.

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